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#PerfectMatchXtra: New housemate Sasha reveals her interest in Kodark and Etornam


In a recent interaction with Big Mama in the chat room, Sasha, the newest housemate on the popular reality TV show #PerfectMatchXtra, opened up about the guys who have been showing interest in her.


Among them, she named Kodark and Etornam as the individuals making moves towards her within the house.

When asked if anyone was pursuing her, Sasha replied, “A lot of people are making moves. I have noticed two others. Kodark has been giving me unusual stares. Initially, when I arrived, he never paid me any attention, but now he looks at me in a different manner.”

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She further expressed, “I feel a similar vibe from Etornam. If he genuinely wants me, I will compete for him.”

Sasha and Brownie joined the house recently after the eviction of Sandra and Dzato from the Perfect Match Xtra house.

It is worth noting that the guys mentioned by Sasha are currently in relationships, unlike Sasha and Brownie, who entered the house without partners.

The anticipation among netizens is growing as they await to see how Sasha’s interactions unfold and whether any of the guys she claims are interested in her will develop feelings for her.


By Blaisewin Equagoo |3Xtra.TV|Ghana



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