#PerfectMatchXtra: Steamy games and tense moments on Day 17 in the house


Day 17 of Perfect Match Xtra brought an exciting mix of steamy games and emotional moments for the housemates.

From intense sex position challenges to confrontations and romantic gestures, the day was filled with highs and lows.

In this review, we’ll delve into the highlights and drama that unfolded during the episode.

The Games

One of the main attractions of the day was ” The Sex Position Game.” Housemates engaged in various tasks, teaching each other different sex positions and exploring their intimate sides. Lovelyn, Sandra, Grace, Bella, and Bibi showcased their skills and techniques, providing an entertaining spectacle for viewers. The intimate moments between the couples brought passion and romance to the show, leaving the audience captivated.

Sentence Formation Game

The housemates engaged in a fun and challenging game called the Sentence Formation Game. Big Mama, the host of the show, introduced the game as a way to entertain the housemates after enjoying a delicious meal of jollof rice. The objective of the game was for the housemates to use the last word of a sentence to form another sentence related to a given theme.

Despite the challenges faced by some of the housemates, the game continued, and the results were eventually announced. Gyato and Sandra secured the fifth position with 30 points, while Etornam and Lovelyn claimed the fourth position with 35 points. Grace and Bebelino took the third spot with 40 points, followed by Sedi and Bibi in second place with 45 points. The winners of the game were Kodark and Bella, who emerged victorious with 50 points.

Kissing game 

In a thrilling episode of Perfect Match Xtra, housemates played a romantic game to find their partners’ favorite kiss spot. Bibi successfully discovered Sedi’s spot, creating a sweet moment. Grace playfully revealed that Bebelino’s neck was his favorite spot. Gyato couldn’t find Sandra’s spot, leading to a one-minute deep kiss for both. Lovelyn struggled to find Etornam’s spot and faced a penalty kiss. In the second round, Gyato and Sandra failed again, resulting in a one-minute M2M kiss. Surprisingly, Bebelino correctly identified Grace’s spot, adding an unexpected twist.

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Tensions Rise

Not everything was smooth sailing on Day 17. Sedi took it upon herself to caution Bibi about her excessive alcohol consumption, expressing concern for her well-being. Emotional breakdowns were witnessed as Sandra and Bella faced challenging moments. Bella, visibly upset, confided in Bebelino about her issues with Bibi, while Sandra grappled with her feelings during the game.

Assistant Chefs and Culinary Queries

The housemates took on the role of assistant chefs and sought guidance from Bella regarding the location of certain ingredients. Lovelyn also asked Bella if she would eat the jollof, resulting in some humorous exchanges. Gyato, the assistant chef for the day, showcased his culinary skills by preparing two plates of jollof, earning appreciation for his hard work.

Controversial Moments

The episode had its fair share of controversies. Ghanaians expressed concerns about the housemates’ dental hygiene, particularly regarding the habit of not brushing their teeth before bed. Viewers voiced their opinions, emphasizing the importance of oral health, especially given the close proximity of the housemates and their intimate activities.

Drama and Relationships

Tensions arose between Bella and Kodark, with Bella expressing her frustrations to Bebelino at the dining table. The brewing conflict hinted at a potential fallout between the two. Meanwhile, the dynamics between the housemates continued to evolve, with sparks flying between various couples. The Gralino ship sailed smoothly, and Lovelyn and Etornam shared affectionate moments during the dining session.

Day 17 of Perfect Match Xtra brought a mix of intense games, emotional breakdowns, and interpersonal conflicts.

The sex position game offered viewers a glimpse into the intimate lives of the housemates, while tensions and relationship dynamics added drama to the episode.

Stay tuned for more captivating moments on Perfect Match Xtra.

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