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Perfect Match Xtra

Sandra can’t cook – Lovelyn advises Dzato on his partner’s laziness (VIDEO)


Lovelyn has spoken out about Sandra’s alleged laziness in the Perfect Match Xtra house.

Some housemates and viewers of the show have described Sandra as lazy over her inability to meet certain tasks in the house.

The latest to express worry over Sandra’s laziness is Lovelyn who asked Dzato what he has been enjoying in his relationship with Sandra.

“Very simple thing, you don’t need to be told. You have to be guiding her” she told Dzato and added that “ you cover up for her and it’s bad, I will tell you the truth”.

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However, Dzato said, “if Big Mama should tell you what I have been telling her in the chat room, you will know that I don’t cover up”.

Hitting hard on Sandra’s inability to cook, unsatisfied Lovelyn further asked Dzato that “What do you enjoy in your relationship? She only cooks pona (yam) for you, Is it only pona that you enjoy? So if you people reach home who will cook? Or will you be buying food outside? There are other things more than pona”.

“I am tired of this your relationship, Oga can eat, wife can not cook, it will be side chick who will be performing main chick duties,” Lovelyn concluded in the excerpt of the show that has made it to TikTok.


so dzato won’t keep quiet and listen to common sense your gal is lazy u are defending her ???????????????????????????????? ĺovelyn did a good job in advising him IS LOVELYN RIGHT OR WRONG #ODO♈YEWU???? #ghanatiktok???????? #gralino #trending #biggracet #fypシ゚viral #trending#teamgralino #bebelinogarments #pmxtra


This wouldn’t be the first time Sandra is being once called out for being lazy in the house. A few days ago, she was called out for not cleaning the kitchen whilst it was her duty to do so.

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