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Tension rises as #Gralino, #KoBella, and Sedi & Bibi face eviction in #PerfectMatchXtra


With tensions running high, all the housemates except for Sasha and Brownie each took their turn in the chatroom session with Big Mama, making daring nominations that could potentially reshape the dynamics of the house.


Grace, known for her thoughtful and considerate nature, surprised everyone with her bold choices.

During her chatroom session with Big Mama, she nominated Bibi and Sedi, as well as herself and Bebelino for eviction. This unexpected move raised eyebrows and left viewers questioning Grace’s motives and strategy.

Bella, with her strong personality, followed suit in her chatroom session with Big Mama. She nominated Bibi and Sedi, for obvious reasons as well as Grace and Bebelino for eviction.

Bella’s choices reflect her determination to secure her position in the house and protect her connection with Kodark.

Bibi, not one to shy away from making bold moves, took a calculated approach in her nominations. During her chatroom session with Big Mama, she nominated Lovelyn and Etornam, citing her concerns about their compatibility.

Additionally, Bibi nominated Grace and Bebelino, potentially targeting the strongest couple in the house.

Kodark, known for his discerning nature, carefully selected his nominations in his chatroom session with Big Mama.

He nominated Lovelyn and Etornam, expressing reservations about their long-term compatibility. Similarly, Kodark nominates Grace and Bebelino, signalling that no couple is safe from his critical eye.

During Bebelino’s chatroom session, he delivered a surprise blow by nominating Bibi and Sedi, a couple that had recently shown signs of strengthening their bond.

But Bebelino didn’t stop there. In a move that shocked viewers, he nominated Bella and Kodark, a couple that had seemingly solidified their relationship and earned the support of many fans.

Lovelyn nominated Bebelino and Grace, a couple she is very close with and has managed to infiltrate their bond. She also nominated Sedi and Bibi, a couple that had been navigating through their fair share of challenges.

Sedi dropped a bombshell by nominating Kodark and Bella because his partner Bibi seems to have an interest in Kodark.

Here are the couples nominated for possible eviction this week in Perfect Match Xtra.

The stakes have reached new heights in the Perfect Match Xtra house as three couples have been put on the chopping block for this week’s eviction.

They include Bebelino & Grace, Kodark & Bella, and Sedi & Bibi who find themselves at risk of leaving the competition.

Grace and Bebelino

The first couple up for eviction is Bebelino and Grace. Despite their strong connection and shared journey, their fate now lies in the hands of the voting public.

Kodark & Bella


Kodark & Bella are in the Perfect Match Xtra house
Kodark & Bella  have been nominated for eviction this week


Sedi and Bibi

Completing the trio of nominated couples are Sedi and Bibi. This pair has had its fair share of ups and downs, but their nomination adds another layer of uncertainty to their relationship

Will their connection be enough to sway the votes and secure their place in the competition?

Make your voice heard and show your unwavering support for your preferred couple by casting your vote by simply dialling the short code *713*13# and following the prompts provided.

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The official TV3 reality app, available on the Google Play and Apple App stores, offers live updates, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive content for fans to enjoy. Additionally, a 24/7 pay-to-view link provides continuous access to the show’s highlights and exclusive moments.


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