Video: Bebelino finally agrees to help Grace unbraid her hair as Lovelyn braids Oheneba’s hair on #PerfectMatchXtra


The latest episode of #PerfectMatchXtra was a hairy night as Bebelino finally agreed to help Grace unbraid her hair, despite his initial reluctance in other episodes.

Bebelino’s agreement to assist her unbraid signals a potential step forward in their relationship as speculated by many fans.

Meanwhile, Lovelyn took on the role of the resident coiffure, offering to braid Oheneba’s hair.

The pair also engaged in a discussion about their social lives after leaving the house, with contrasting views on their future endeavours.

Oheneba expressed the belief that they would be entreated to go out more often by Grace was of the view that their celebrity status would rather make them “home buddies” post-show, implying that she might prefer a quieter lifestyle.

“After here you cannot be just ‘home home’ like that,” he shared while Grace shared “After here you’ll rather be a home buddy. You won’t just go anywhere”

Oheneba clarified  “No, I mean endorsements and industry events will get you out there”

Bebelino humorously interjected that he was going to stay in the village after the show

The contestants also discussed possible places to visit after leaving the show. The suggestion of Nzulezu, a famous stilt village in Ghana, sparked interest among them.

However, Bebelino did not hesitate to reveal that he has visited several places in Cape Coast, as he had attended high school there.

Bebelino’s change of heart in helping Grace unbraid her hair, Lovelyn’s coiffure skills, and the discussion about future plans and exploration beyond the house have added depth to the show.

Stay tuned for more thrilling episodes as the housemates navigate the challenging path to finding their perfect match.

Perfect Match airs on  TV3 and audiences can also stay connected with the show through the TV3 reality app, available on Google Play and Apple App Stores as it continues to captivate audiences with its mix of romance, rivalry, and unexpected twists.

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