Voices of 2023: “I am grateful for my fanbase” – Grace PM Xtra winner



Voices of 2023 captures the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, all sharing their rollercoaster ride through the year 2023.  It’s a chance to peek behind the curtain and see the real stories, triumphs, and struggles, of the people who made an impact in the 2023 media, entertainment, and entrepreneurial space. 

This episode of Voices of 2023 features Grace, the first winner of Perfect Match Extra. 

Here is how the year went for Grace.

In your opinion, how did the year 2023 go for you?

“Hmm it went well. A lot of things happened that I didn’t expect.”

What do you consider the most significant milestone that shaped the year 2023

“Getting the opportunity to be a contestant at Perfect Match Extra, getting my soul mate and winning the overall price, being able to set up a business, and having a fan base that wants you to do well, we have a foundation in our fan base name this all made my 2023 better.”

Were there any plans you couldn’t accomplish in 2023?

“No I mean, things I didn’t even plan for the year were accomplished so there’s nothing I planned that didn’t get accomplished. ”

As 2023 winds down, what are your aspirations for 2024?

“I’m hoping to have my own saloon, and being on perfect match extra, made me a better person, I wasn’t tolerant before but now, I’m a better person. I believe at this year, I can be more tolerant because I need it.”

What project should we look out for you in 2024?

“A lot, like going back to school and opening my own shop. We’re working towards those things, in the coming year it will be actualized”

Give a shout-out to someone who played a significant role in your life this year

“Quite a lot, God, TV3, my mum, my partner, my people. The Bebelino’s management and all the people that made my life better. Please if you don’t hear your name don’t be jealous. I appreciate you all in my corner”

For Grace, she has had a great year and achieved milestones and she is ready for what 2024 offers for her, and wishes everyone takes their fitness journey serious.  

Voices of 2023 is a reminder that we’re all human, facing similar challenges and celebrating similar joys, even if we come from different walks of life. So get ready for a heartwarming, thought-provoking, and relatable journey through the ups and downs of 2023 with Voices of 2023.

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