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Perfect Match Xtra

We were a threat to the other #PerfectMatchXtra housemates – Ali and Ruth explain why they were nominated for eviction

Ruth and Ali becomes first couple to evicted from the #PerfectMatchXtra House

Newly Evicted housemates from the Perfect Match Xtra house, Ali and Ruth have shed light on why they believe they were nominated for eviction on the reality show #PerfectMatchXtra.

According to Ruth who appeared on TV3 New Day on Monday morning, from the moment they entered the house, their growing connection and genuine affection for each other posed a threat to the other housemates.

She explained to AJ Sarpong and Cookie T that their authenticity and real emotions made them stand out, potentially overshadowing the other couples and preventing them from becoming trending topics.

“For the first week when we came to the house, Ali and I were getting to know each other but we were having feelings for each other as well. Whatever we were doing the kissing and stuff for its it was something real and we wanted to do something real,” she pointed out.


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Ruth mentioned that some housemates even expressed their desire for Ali and Ruth to halt their romantic gestures so that others could have a chance to shine.

“The housemates were thinking because of that they won’t get the opportunity to be trending  so some of them were saying eeiii Ali and Ruth you guys should stop so we can do same as if we are stopping them from doing what we are doing so that’s how I realise that we will be a threat to them.” Ruth shared

Ali who also re-echoed Ruth’s sentiments said that he felt his presence brought a sense of fun and liveliness to the house.

He believed that their mutual love and affection were evident and that their connection posed a challenge to the other contestants.

“I felt I was a threat to them because I was making the house fun and the love was mutual. It was a genuine connection so I think one of the days one of the girls came to me and said Ali you and Ruth have been kissing for too long so give us the chance to do same,” he disclosed

Both Ali and Ruth recognized that their relationship was genuine and sincere, and they were committed to exploring a real connection. However, prior to their eviction, their relationship was plagued by rumours of Ruth kissing Etornam, causing tension and strife within the house.

As a result, they faced numerous obstacles, ultimately leading to their unpopularity among the audience.

Adding to their challenges, Ali had previously been sanctioned for bringing a contraband mobile device into the Perfect Match house.

As the season progresses, the remaining contestants will strive to find their perfect match, navigating the highs and lows of the journey.

Make your voice heard and show your unwavering support for your preferred couple by casting your vote by simply dialling the short code *713*13# and following the prompts provided.

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