Voices of 2023: “I am excited for the new season of Perfect Match Xtra”- AJ Sarpong


Voices of 2023 captures the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, all sharing their rollercoaster ride through the year 2023.  It’s a chance to peek behind the curtain and see the real stories, triumphs, and struggles, of the people who made an impact in the 2023 media, entertainment, and entrepreneurial space. 

This episode of Voices of 2023 features AJ Akua Sarpong a Ghanaian television personality at TV3 and 3FM. 

Here is how the year went for AJ Akua Sarpong.

In your opinion, how did the year 2023 go for you?

“It was an interesting year, I challenged myself the most and made daring decisions. I took a chance on myself and at the end of the year, I am happy to say it paid off.”

What do you consider the most significant milestone that shaped the year 2023?

“There have been so many interesting milestones this year. I joined the TV3/3FM family this year and it was a. Very interesting period. And I executed quite a lot of projects this year which I’m very thankful for. I also was put in charge of quite many projects this year, I was able to do incredible shows on TV3 as well. Great interviews on 3FM, it been joining the family that was my biggest milestone this year and executing a lot of projects”

Were there any plans you couldn’t accomplish in 2023?

“Yes, alot. A lot on the personal side I couldn’t do in 2023. On the personal side, there were certain projects I wanted to do, I couldn’t do this year because of time and logistics but we are going crazy in 2024.”

As 2023 winds down, what are your Aspirations for 2024?

“Absolutely yes, probably starting my PhD. For the work side, there were a lot of projects and partnerships I couldn’t go to in 2023 and I’m coming for in 2024. So expect great events for 3fm and a lot of exciting promotions and above all, exciting content coming from TV3 and 3FM.”

What project should we look out for from you in 2024?

“I am excited for the new season of Perfect Match Xtra and that will be exciting, especially the reunion, which would be terrifying. But I’m looking  forward to the new season, that’s one thing I am counting down for but I will expect that in the first quarter of 2024 at least the reunion, we need to see the drama that has been going on”

Give a shout-out to someone who played a significant role in your life this year

“My family and my partner, I don’t think I can mention them, my sisters and my brothers. I have an incredibly big family and my sisters have been my rock this year. Also, my incredible partner who has been with me through it all also my parents. And a few great friends, shout out to Regina, and Mark Nartey, and don’t take me forgetting to mention your name, but thank you so much for making the year incredible for hearing me rant and cry and lament, and thank you for being there for me in 2024”

For AJ Sarpong, she has had an incredible year but the most significant milestone was joining Media General. She looks forward to her Ph.D. and other exciting projects you should watch out for in 2024.

Voices of 2023 is a reminder that we’re all human, facing similar challenges and celebrating similar joys, even if we come from different walks of life. So get ready for a heartwarming, thought-provoking, and relatable journey through the ups and downs of 2023 with Voices of 2023.

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