Who goes home? PM Xtra Housemates party hard amidst eviction tension (VIDEO)


Eviction is looming for the housemates of Perfect Xtra as the show is set to send one of the housemates home tonight.

The show revolves around the quest for love and the challenges of finding the perfect partner, all played out live on television. There will be live eviction and re-coupling on Saturdays from 8-9:30 pm on TV3, where participants’ fate will be determined.

The housemates could feel the eviction heat causing tension and swinging emotions in the house throughout the week but that did not stop everyone from partying hard last night, leaving viewers entertained.


It became a shirtless moment for some of the male housemates as the party got hotter with couple dancing, partner swapping, twerking, fun games and more over drinks and food with Bebelino on the mic as the MC.

Ali, Ruth, Etornam and Lovelyn stole the show as the party also highlighted their sinking ships over how Ruth and Etornam are becoming closer more than friends with no feelings or intimate intensions for each other.

If you missed the party, check out the posts below and tell us who you think is going to be watching from home next weekend.



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