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5 Ghanaian music enthusiasts on their  favorite lines in Black sherif’s EP and how they relate to it


Ghanaian singer Black Sherif‘s latest musical offering, the EP titled “Take Care Of Yourself, Blacko,” released on August 10, 2023, has ignited a wave of admiration and intrigue among music enthusiasts.

Comprising two tracks, “YAYA” and “Simmer Down,” the EP showcases Black Sherif’s distinct fusion of reggae, hip-hop, drill, and highlife influences, captivating listeners across Ghana and beyond.

While “YAYA” delves into the perspective of Black Sherif’s alter ego—a rebel who embraces destiny while seeking healing— “Simmer Down” weaves a tapestry of highlife, soul, and drill elements, conveying the importance of a resilient mindset and patience in the face of adversity.

United by their love for music and their admiration for Black Sherif’s EP, these 5 Ghanaian music enthusiasts showcased how art can bridge diverse lives.

Check out the lines that resonated with them and served as inspiration for their personal stories, dreams, and aspirations.


1. Kenneth Awotwe Darko – culture journalist and music enthusiast


My favourite line from Black Sherif’s new project is found on ‘Simmer Down’. “My ting from Babylon tell me boy, simmer down. I know you’re losing your mind but cool your temper”.’

It speaks to me in the sense that many of my peers and the youth within the space where I find myself are facing many challenges that are impeding their growth and success.

They range from societal, financial, relationship-wise and even governmental setbacks stifling their vision for themselves.

All these come to mind when I think about how sane we need to be amid all these in order to go through each passing day.

That is why finding ways to ‘simmer down’ is important to me. It could be through therapy or any other means that anyone finds appropriate.

2. Caleb Nii Boye – Broadcaster and producer

His diction and audibility are a matter of concern to me. He needs to roll and open up words to get people to search up lyrics just to get along with the tune.

He should explore more melodies unless this 2-track EP is a niche project. He should also open up for collaboration for dynamism’s sake.

In all, it’s a good tape. ‘YAYA’ is for the streets but ‘Simmer Down’ is for everybody. The line “Simmer down” is my favourite.

I do relate to ‘YAYA’ more because of the streets portrayed in there. Some of the words said and how we grew up go hand in hand.

So though my favourite line can be found in ‘Simmer Down’, I relate to ‘YAYA’ better. In general, it is a good tape. Kudos to Blacko and his team.


3. Maxwell Adjavon – Founder of The iMullar Network LTD

“Mese eye take it easy YAYA, Wonya time aa y3 a k) beach YAYA, Nye kakra Enjoy the breeze YAYA.” and “We don’t need man’s to believe, we don’t care about who no dey see, what we we dey see in us bro believe, we on the winning side they believe, simmer down!” from both ‘YAYA’ and ‘Simmer Down’ are my favorites.

I relate to these lines because as a working individual who is committed to achieving my goals, I forget to take a break and take care of myself.

These songs are slapping me with the hard reality of slowing down and enjoying life and I hear it.

4. Ameyaw Debrah – Blogger

I like the two songs on the new project.  Blacko talks about current things in his life that could break him down mentally, physically, and career-wise; and how he rises above them all. The lyrics seem real, and he poured out his heart and mind on these songs.

The project isn’t any marked difference from what we have known from him; his act of storytelling shines through on these two tracks. ‘Simmer down’ seems to be a response to current news reports and public conversations about him and ‘YAYA’ reflect how he deals with some of the adversities he faces.

I just don’t like how on ‘YAYA’ he seems to suggest going to the beach and smoking is the panacea to all his problems.

5. King Kwaku Mensa, Presenter/ Producer at Media General

Black Sherif’s latest EP is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Aside from the great melodies and perfect production, I hear an artiste using music as an instrument to let out the pain and troubles this industry has dealt him.

This is not a project for the awards but a project for therapy.

My favourite line from the EP will be from ‘Simmer Down’: “We don’t need mans tо bеlіeve. We don’t cаre ’bout who no dеy see. What we dеy see in uѕ brо believе.
We on the winning sіde theу dеy see”.



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By Esther Aryee|3Xtra.tv|Ghana

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