5 times Media General’s Naa Ashorkor served us stylish African print looks


Renowned Ghanaian media personality,  Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, has charmed her audience not only with her on-screen charisma but also with her impeccable sense of style.


From captivating red-carpet events to her engaging TV appearances, Naa Ashorkor has consistently showcased her love for African print outfits, effortlessly blending tradition with contemporary fashion.

As she recently joined Media General on August 4, 2023, we take a closer look at five occasions when Naa Ashorkor graced us with her stunning African print ensembles, leaving us in awe and admiration.

1. Red Carpet Extravaganza


Naa Ashorkor has consistently stolen the spotlight on red carpets, showing off her unique style. A memorable instance was her appearance as a guest judge for a beauty pageant, where she wowed everyone in an intricately designed African print dress.

The fusion of bold patterns and elegant silhouette showcased her confidence and fashion-forward approach.

2. TV Show Glamour:


Naa Ashorkor’s fashion flair extends to her TV appearances, where she effortlessly infuses African print into her wardrobe.

During one of her talk show episodes, she rocked a chic African print lace dress pairing it with a high ponytail, highlighting her ability to create a sophisticated yet culturally-rich ensemble that commands attention.

3. Social Media Elegance


Naa Ashorkor’s Instagram feed is a testament to her love for African prints.

In a recent post, she stunned her followers with a vibrant cut-out African print top and a skirt with a side train, exuding both charm and grace.

Her choice of accessories and hairstyle perfectly complemented the outfit, showcasing her attention to detail.

4. Cultural Affirmation


Naa Ashorkor understands the significance of embracing one’s cultural heritage, and she does so effortlessly through her fashion choices.

During the celebration of  World Theatre Day, she donned a beautifully crafted African print Kaba and slit with a matching hairstyle, sending a powerful message about preserving and celebrating African traditions.

5. Bold and Beautiful


Naa Ashorkor’s style is a blend of elegance and audacity. During a public appearance, she caught everyone’s eye in a bold and beaded African print halter neck dress.

The outfit’s striking design and floral appliqué mirrored her vibrant personality and fearless approach to fashion, proving that African prints can be both traditional and contemporary.



Bonus looks








Through her fashion journey, Naa Ashorkor has undoubtedly become a style icon, promoting the beauty and versatility of African prints.

Her ability to seamlessly incorporate these prints into various settings showcases her genuine appreciation for her cultural roots while setting new trends and inspiring others to do the same.

As Naa Ashorkor continues to grace our screens and events, we can’t wait to see more of her captivating African print ensembles that radiate elegance, confidence, and cultural pride.


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