An echoing legacy: How social media reacted to OJ Blaq’s demise


Andy Nii Akrashie, a name that might not instantly ring a bell, but say “OJ Blaq” and music notes start to dance in the minds of Ghanaians far and wide, has left the shores of this earth.  

Thursday, August 17, 2023, bore witness to a sombre symphony of its own as news broke of OJ Blaq’s untimely departure.

At the tender age of 40, the enigmatic artiste bid adieu to the world he had serenaded for decades.

As social media feeds flooded with heartfelt tributes, there was an undeniable sense of unity, a symphony of sorrowful yet celebratory notes.

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From fellow musicians to fervent fans, the virtual realm was alight with the fire of remembrance, kindling the embers of OJ Blaq’s indelible impact.

Tweets flooded in, each one a poignant note in the symphony of remembrance:

@TheBigGhun reminisced about OJ Blaq’s impact on body positivity and his inspiration for a generation. He wrote, “OJ Blaq inspired a generation of Fat boys in Ghana and I was one of them. It was OJ photos on my phone and social media DP all through my High school days. He took body positivity to a whole new level. Rest well biggie boy lover. Nipa b3y3 bi nanso wamb3y3 nenyinaa.”


@AmeyawBulldoc shared a memory of OJ Blaq’s hit song, ‘Chale Wote’ which was produced under Lynx Entertainment and featured Asem and Captain Planet.

@LynxGhana his former label remembered him as the first musician to walk into the Lynx Studio, praising his kind heart and smile. “R.I.P. to the first musician to ever walk into the Lynx Studio to record his music,” they said in a tweet.




@MeduzaaOfficial reflected on his transition from rapper to Gospel musician and his contributions to Ghana’s music scene.

“Rapper OJ Blaq turned Gospel musician is mostly remembered for his 2009 hit song “chale wote” ft Captain Planet and also featured in a popular TV series SUN CITY. Rest in peace,” he posted

@gurunkz bid farewell to the king OJ Blaq while DJ Sammy Forson expressed shock at his demise.


By Esther Aryee||Ghana

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