Home Showbiz Anyone who attends Agradaa’s church is unwise – Nana Kwame Gyan on #OnuaShowbiz

Anyone who attends Agradaa’s church is unwise – Nana Kwame Gyan on #OnuaShowbiz


Nana Kwame Gyan, host of #OnuaShowbiz has criticized people who attend the church led by Evangelist Mama Patricia Asiedu widely known as Nana Agradaa, as ‘unwise’.

Gyan in a recent episode of the show on Onua FM called into question the attractiveness of Christianity due to the actions of certain individuals claiming to be men and women of God.

While acknowledging the freedom of religion and the right for anyone to serve as a pastor or engage in spiritual practices, Gyan shared his concerns about the negative impact some individuals may have on Christianity.

“In as much as we think that there is freedom of religion and anyone can be a pastor or serve God, we thank God but it doesn’t mean we’ll make the church unattractive and gradually Christianity is becoming unattractive because some people who call themselves women and men of God are making Christianity unattractive,” he said.

He raised the issue that Agradaa was employing a lot of drama and theatrics within her church, which he believes detracts from the essence of the Christian faith.

“Someone should tell Adwoa Pat also known as Agradaa that she should stop the akan drama she does in her church and focus, how can you allow your pastors to beat someone who spoke against you?” he quizzed.

Gyan remarked that he considers attendees of Agradaa’s Church as unwise people who perhaps need mental assistance.

“For me, I think you are unwise if you wake up in the morning and dress up to attend Agradaa’s church service,” he shared.

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He further pointed out that true spirituality should foster an atmosphere of freedom and liberty, rather than chaos and confusion associated with Heaven Way International Church.

“Wherever the spirit of God is there is liberty and if you wake up to participate in this chaos at Agrada’s church then I’m disappointed in you,” said the Radio Host.

Additionally, Gyan questioned the motives and aspirations of pastors associated with Agradaa’s church, describing them as unemployed individuals donning clerical outfits. He suggested that those who have more meaningful pursuits would not involve themselves in such activities.

“Look at her pastors, all these people are just unemployed people in clerical outfits, if you have something better doing, would you go and be following Agradaa? They’re not serious,” he stressed.

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