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Be a good boy and stop everything – Kwame Sefa-Kayi advises Sarkodie on his birthday


Respected Ghanaian media personality, Kwame Sefa-Kayi, has sent a special message to Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie as he celebrated his birthday yesterday, July 10, 2023, and also offered some advice.

Sefa-Kayi during his morning radio show on Peace FM, expressed his genuine affection for Sarkodie and urged him to be a good boy by refraining from creating diss tracks.

“So King Sark, wherever you are, Happy birthday to you, and be a good boy,” Kwame Sefa Kai

Sefa-Kayi also took the opportunity to commend Sarkodie for his talent in music before warning  the rapper that if he ever mentioned his name in a song without good intentions, he would face consequences from Sefa-Kayi himself

“One love. Happy birthday to you, Sarkodie and as I said, stop everything. If you don’t know, and you make a song and mention my name, you will see what I will do to you,” the ace presenter said in both a friendly tone and a strong stance.

His comments are in reference to Sarkodie’s recent song, “Try Me” which addresses the controversy surrounding Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, where she claimed he neglected his responsibilities as the father of her unborn child.

Sarkodie used the song to share his side of the story and expressed surprise at the situation.

“I never thought I was going on this wave, cause I was ready to take a couple of things to my grave. First of all, let me clap for you baby you are brave but you can’t pick and choose what to say pls behave, nobody sent you so Ohemaa if you want to talk, you have to tell the world every n*gga that you f*cked” Sarkodie said in the first lines of his song.

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He acknowledged their past involvement and recounts that Yvonne Nelson informed him of her pregnancy, to which he suggested keeping the baby. However, Nelson explained that she wanted to prioritize completing her education.

”I am not going to sit here and lie we had a thing, first I thought we were cool till I had a thing … You told me you were pregnant and I was the one to be blamed … yes I wasn’t ready but I told you  to keep it and you explained that you have to complete your school,” he added

Sefa-Kayi also playfully mentioned his signature beard in the message before signing off on the birthday message.

“Your beard is like something I don’t know,” he added.

Sarkodie turned 38 on Monday and is currently in New York City as part of his North American and European Tour. However, the past month has seen him dominate the news cycle after his name was mentioned in Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON

Sefa Kayi’s message to Sarkodie, therefore, serves as a friendly reminder for him to maintain the positive reputation he’s been known for and avoid engaging in unnecessary conflicts through diss tracks.

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