Bella and Kodark assume leadership as drama heats up in #PerfectMatchXtra


In the latest turn of events on the captivating reality show, Perfect Match Xtra, Mama Bella and Kodark have taken on the roles of Head of House for the week.

As anticipation builds, viewers eagerly await the unfolding drama, with high hopes that this new responsibility will bring out the best in Kodark, who has thus far been perceived as introverted.

The Perfect Match Xtra reality show continues to captivate audiences, keeping them on the edge of their seats as the competition intensifies.

This week, Big Mama made a significant announcement, revealing the couples who are up for potential eviction on Saturday.

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The stakes have never been higher, and it’s now up to viewers to vote for their favorite contestants to ensure their survival in the competition.

The nominated couples facing the threat of elimination are Sandra & Dzato, Grace & Bebelino, Ruth & Ali, and Bella & Kodark.

Each couple will rely on the support and votes of their fans and supporters to secure their place in the next phase of the show.

To make your voice heard and show your unwavering support for your preferred couple, casting your vote is incredibly easy. Simply dial the short code *713*13# and follow the prompts provided. Through active participation in the voting process, viewers become an integral part of the Perfect Match Xtra journey, wielding the power to influence the ultimate outcome of the show.

As the tension mounts, viewers will anxiously await the eviction night, where the fate of the nominated couples will be determined by the votes received. This crucial period highlights the significance of audience engagement and their role in shaping the narrative of Perfect Match Xtra.

The show’s producers and organizers have worked tirelessly to provide multiple platforms for viewers to stay connected and updated with the latest happenings in the reality house. The official TV3 reality app, available on both the Google Play and Apple App stores, offers live updates, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive content for fans to enjoy. Additionally, a 24/7 pay-to-view link grants continuous access to the show’s highlights and exclusive moments.

As the drama unfolds and emotions run high, viewers are encouraged to rally behind their favorite couples, casting their votes diligently to ensure their preferred pairs survive the impending eviction. The power rests in the hands of the audience, and their votes will ultimately shape the course of Perfect Match Xtra.

Stay tuned for the thrilling episodes ahead as the remaining couples give it their all to secure their place in the competition. Remember, your votes hold the key to their fate. Let the voting begin and may the best couples emerge victorious in this exhilarating journey of love and compatibility on Perfect Match Xtra!

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