Benin is our next location for new recruits – 4Kings


The supposed leader of the 4Kings lookalike association, Robert has said that the team has plans of going to Benin to get recruits for the group as Ghanaians are gradually losing hope.

Speaking on Adwuma Adwuma, a program aired on Onua FM, hosted by Felicia Osei, the alleged head of the group revealed that 4Kings is recruiting more people and the fact that the recruitment process is taking them to Benin since Ghanaians were slacking.

“Recruitment is ongoing. We’ll go to other countries. Very soon, we will go to Benin. We have realized that Ghanaians are losing hope so we have to go to Benin,” he stated.

King Promise’s lookalike pointed out that most people were afraid of venturing into their space and further added that every one that came on board had to go through an initiation process which he called, ‘staying in the fridge’. 

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“When someone wants to become like another person, sometimes they’re too scared to do it. As you come to stay in the ‘fridge’, it’s not easy. You’ll stay in the ‘fridge’ for a while and during that period, you’ll undergo maintenance,” he indicated.

He continued, “We don’t just up and unveil just anyone. You would have had to stay in the ‘fridge’ for some time.”

Robert also mentioned how important ‘staying in the fridge’ was as it had the power to transform the interested parties.

“Most of the people that came during the recruitment process did not resemble any of the celebrities they were associated with,” he said, adding the fact it was the initiation process that got them to that point.

By Esther Aryee||Ghana

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