Bibi turns Hila Baci in PM Xtra house as she cooks 4 hours nonstop – fans react(VIDEO)


There is a Hilda Baci in the Perfect Match house at the moment in the person of Bibi who is proving to have the ability to break a world record in cooking.

The housemate in the adult-rated reality show produced by TV3 is becoming a topic among viewers of the show following how long she has been in the kitchen.

According to some ardent viewers of the show, Bibi has been in the kitchen for almost 4 hours without a break. Some fans argue that these hours in the kitchen is too long for anyone who is in a reality show to find love.

“Bibi we love you o but it’s almost 4 hours of cooking,” a TikToker said whilst sharing an excerpt of Bibi’s time in the kitchen. The post has since attracted mixed reactions among PM Xtra viewers.

Another TikToker said “she is breaking the Guinness records” with another fan adding that she is breaking the Guinness records”.

This comment comes at the back of Hilda Baci’s record after she cooked for 100hrs nonstop to claim a Guinness World Record for the longest cooking hour by an individual.


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