Black Sherif fails to deliver new project he promised fans on VGMA night


Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year, Black Sherif, seems to have disappointed his fans after failing to release the new project he promised during his VGMA speech.

After singing a verse of Adane Best’s hit track ‘Baa he otΙ›’, Blacko stated, “22 June I deny drop KK Pack, I get some number of songs for top, 22 June,” indicating the new music release date.


However, as the day unfolded, fans anxiously awaiting the release were left disheartened when no music was made available as promised.

The unexpected turn of events was compounded when the ‘Kweku Killer’Β  singer shared a cryptic tweet indicating the music would not be released as promised, triggering a wave of reactions from disappointed fans.

“WE HAVE A PROBLEM,” he tweeted with a photo of himself.


One fan took to social media, tweeting, “If you no drop am and I catch you err,” conveying their disappointment while another fan fervently implored the artist, saying, “Release the music please, this one especially,”



Amidst the chorus of disappointed fans, one individual criticized the artist for his lack of communication, expressing their dissatisfaction by stating, “masa fior aah, u couldn’t let us know earlier? No communication, that’s so bad.”

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The absence of the promised ‘KK Pack’ has undoubtedly left fans in a state of confusion, as they had eagerly anticipated the new music from Black Sherif. As of now, it remains unclear when the artist will release the long-awaited project.

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