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BUTiFLY: Darko Vibes’ musical euphoria hits Ghana’s streets


Paul Nii Amu Andrew Darko, better known as Darko Vibes, is a renowned Ghanaian musician who has made a significant mark in the recent music landscape of Ghana. He has garnered a substantial following since his debut in the industry and wields considerable influence over the Gen Z population in Ghana. Notably, he is a prominent member of the La Mème Gang music collective, alongside RJZ, Kidd Black, Spacely, and himself.

Darko Vibes released his second studio album, “BUTiFLY,” on October 12, 2023. This 17-track album features collaborations with notable artists, including Wizkid, Davido, King Promise, Omar Sterling, Manifest, Jupitar, Nots3, and Oxlade. After reviewing the tracklist and the impressive lineup of guest artists, I assigned the project a rating of 8 out of 10. In the subsequent sections, I will meticulously analyze the album to determine if it maintains, elevates, or falls short of this rating. Join me as we delve into the essence of “BUTiFLY.”

The opening track, “Yao,” incorporates an indigenous and traditional chorus derived from Ga culture, with the maxim “Twa Omanye Aba,” signifying “Success has arrived.” In this introductory piece, Darko Vibes invokes success into his career, this project, and his life at large, blending elements of indigenous music with a contemporary trap vibe.

“Blackwood,” the second track, delves into more sensual and intimate lyrical themes, as Darko Vibes explores his desire for a woman while enjoying a cigar. This track is recommended for moments of personal introspection, particularly for those contemplating their romantic interests.

“Oh My Days,” featuring Wizkid, introduces a notable guest artist. While Wizkid doesn’t contribute a verse, he adds depth to the track with ad-libs and backing vocals. “Oh My Days” is a solid Afrobeat tune where Darko Vibes openly confesses the dominance of a particular woman in his thoughts.

“Mine,” the fourth track, whisks listeners away on a Caribbean-inspired journey, with Darko Vibes’ voice adopting a softer and more contemplative tone as he asserts his claim over the woman in question. His assurance in the relationship is palpable, as if they’ve weathered numerous experiences together.

Track five, “My Yard,” featuring Notse, returns to the Afrobeat style, as Darko Vibes invites the woman to visit his abode. It’s worth noting that the theme of relationships with women is a recurring motif throughout the album.

“0244:027,” featuring King Promise, shines with the smooth and captivating vocals of King Promise, creating a romantic atmosphere even as the lyrics lament the woman’s unresponsiveness to King Promise’s calls from both his MTN and Vodafone numbers. This track shares similarities with Medikal’s “Odo” featuring King Promise, catering to the featured artist’s strengths.

“It’s a Happy Day,” the seventh track, radiates excitement as Darko Vibes shares his joy, attributing it to the nearness of his woman. He is genuinely content, and through his music, he invites us to partake in his happiness.

The chorus of “It’s a Happy Day” is notably infectious, setting an enjoyable tone. Track eight, “Side Chick,” featuring Jupitar, delves into the appreciation of secondary relationships and the importance of maintaining boundaries in these connections. Jupitar reassures us of his commitment to living life to the fullest. The beat and style of this track suits him well.

Darko Vibes shifts his focus to motivation and determination in “Dem Go Pray Taya,” the ninth track, maintaining the Caribbean-inspired musical backdrop. This track emphasizes that while adversaries may pray for our downfall, we will persist and flourish.

By this point in the album, Oxlade has made a significant impact, and his vocal prowess is pronounced in the opening of “Feel Your Body,” the tenth track. While the album continues to explore themes of love and relationships, it remains an engaging and enjoyable project.

“Abundance,” the eleventh track, evokes Kelvynboy’s vibes, particularly through its robust Afrobeat rhythms. Darko Vibes takes center stage on this track, which is somewhat shorter due to its solo nature. The song revolves around the abundant love and support he receives from his significant other.

For a moment, it’s easy to forget that “Je M’appelle Darkovibes” was released approximately two years ago, as it still sounds fresh and compelling. Featuring Davido, this track has been one of Darko Vibes’ most significant hits. It is, has been, and will remain a timeless masterpiece.

“Wow,” the twelfth track, featuring Omar Sterling, takes the album into party territory, conveying Darko Vibes’ continued amazement at the allure of a particular woman’s body. Omar Sterling delivers a compelling performance with his distinctive flow.

“I Know: Toronto,” featuring Medikal, offers a unique beat that captures the listener’s attention. Darko Vibes reinforces his self-confidence and self-assuredness. Manifest’s contribution is expectedly remarkable, and all featured artists deliver powerful verses, showcasing the album’s prowess.

In “Jealousy,” Darko Vibes addresses potential rivals and warns them against any ill-conceived actions. This track is a reflection of his elevated status and the challenges that come with it.

The album takes a reggae turn with “Around the Globe,” emphasizing the power of reggae music in conveying conscious messages. Reggae is recognized for its role in delivering love songs and activism, and in this track, Darko Vibes and the woman embark on a journey to share their love worldwide.

The album concludes with “Legends Never Die,” reaffirming Darko Vibes’ determination to become a legend and emphasizing his perpetual presence in the music scene.

This seventeen-track album is characterized by high-quality production across all songs, featuring solid beats. It showcases the talents of various producers, including Mog Beatz, Killbeatz, 80’s baby, jumpOFF, Nxwrth, P.Priime, Kromusic, Kwame Yeboah & Carllo Yaboy, Mix Mastergarzy, Chopstixx, BabaWvD, Hylander, and Maneaux.

Although the theme of love and relationships frequently dominates the album, it does not diminish the fact that it is a captivating project that appeals to music enthusiasts. My Personal favourites from the album include “0244/027,” “Je M’appelle,” “Wow,” and “Feel Your Body.”

Despite facing challenges, Darko Vibes sends a clear message that he will fly. Congratulations to him on this album, and I hope a comprehensive promotional plan ensures that it maintains its rightful place at the top of the charts. Wishing Darko Vibes all the best!

By Cyril Senason Anani | 3xtra

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