Camidoh super confident about winning Best New International Act at the BET Awards


Best New International Act nominee, Camidoh, has expressed his strong belief in winning his category come June 25 when he appears at the Microsoft Theater.

The talented artist from Ghana bagged a nomination for the prestigious awards scheme placing Camidoh alongside other talented artists on the international stage.

During a Zoom interview on TV3’s New Day on Friday, June 9, Camidoh, whose birth name is Raphael Kofi Attachie, exuded confidence in his chances of winning the coveted category.

He emphasized that being nominated in itself signifies an equal opportunity for all contenders, as they have all met the necessary criteria set by the organizers.

“I am super confident,” Camidoh proclaimed. “Being nominated there means you stand an equal chance. Like everyone in that category stands an equal chance because obviously if there were certain criteria to be ticked for you to be nominated, that means everyone’s box was ticked, and that’s why they were nominated.”

Camidoh who snugged two awards at the recently held Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) will be up against Asake from Nigeria, Raye and Flo from the UK, Labianca from Cameroon, Maureen and Werenoi from France, MC Ryan FC from Brazil, and Pabi Cooper from South Africa.

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The winner will be determined solely through voting, with the voting period ending on Thursday, June 15. Camidoh plans to rally his fans and supporters to vote for him.

“The information we got is that my people have to vote [and] like the posts, so I will just call on the public or everyone that is really in support of my nomination to just go on BET International. I have shared it on my Instagram story, so people just need to click that and like it,” Camidoh explained.

He believes that garnering votes and engagement from his supporters is the key to securing victory in the category. With his infectious optimism and dedicated fanbase, Camidoh is determined to emerge triumphant at the BET Awards.

As the voting period continues, fans and well-wishers of Camidoh are encouraged to actively support his nomination by voting and engaging with his posts on BET International.

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