Christians go against the word of the bible to be judgmental and intolerant of others – A Plus


Controversial Ghanaian hiplife artiste, politician, entrepreneur, and social activist, Kwame Asare Obeng A Plus has called out Christians for their hypocritical behaviour and not embodying the teachings of the Bible

A Plus who was a guest on United Showbiz highlighted the diversity of religious practices.  He pointed out that in his experience, he had never encountered instances where followers of smaller gods opposed Christian worshipers for their belief in their “Alpha.”

However, he expressed concern that some Christians deviate from the teachings of the Bible and exhibit judgmental and intolerant attitudes towards others.

“Christians worship God through the son Jesus, Indians worship through Buddha, Islam worships through the prophet Mohammed, never have I heard that small god worshipers have raised against Christian worshipers for believing in their Alpha, but Christians go against the word of the bible to be judgmental and intolerant of others,” he shared

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According to A PLUS, the behaviours of Christians foster division and animosity among religious groups.

“These uncanny attitudes bring about division and hatred between these religious groups, let allow people to practice what they believe in and be tolerant of others’ faith and opinions,” he underscored.

Furthermore, A Plus reminded Christians of the Bible’s own teachings, emphasizing the significance of choosing battles wisely and practising what they believe in.

“Even the bible says, choose your battles wisely, practice what you believe in, and have others hold onto what they also believe in. God is the final judge, don’t play his role,” he warned




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