Home Showbiz Day 8: Ali’s stolen duvet sparks drama and chaos in #PerfectMatchXtra

Day 8: Ali’s stolen duvet sparks drama and chaos in #PerfectMatchXtra


In the world of reality television, unexpected twists and turns are par for the course. However, the recent incident in the Perfect Match Xtra house took an amusing yet chaotic turn when Ali’s duvet mysteriously disappeared.

The repercussions of this seemingly innocent prank rippled through the house, leaving everyone on edge and creating an atmosphere of suspense and speculation.

The Search for the Culprit

As Ali realized his duvet was missing, his frustration and determination to uncover the truth became apparent. He adamantly accused his fellow housemates of being responsible for the theft.

“I will shout through the night, Walahi. Don’t beg me. I will shout if no one brings out the duvet. It’s with you, Bebelino. You don’t talk,” he complained

Bebelino, Etornam, and Dzato found themselves at the centre of the controversy, each denying their involvement while pointing fingers at one another.

The Heated Accusations

Amidst the chaos, the housemates engaged in a fiery exchange of accusations. Bebelino claimed Etornam was the guilty party, while Etornam vehemently denied the allegations, asserting that Bebelino was trying to shift blame.

Meanwhile, rumours circulated that Dzato had masterminded the theft, with Etornam allegedly aiding in hiding the stolen duvet.

Ali’s Rant and Isolation

Ali’s frustration reached its peak as he embarked on a relentless 20-minute rant, demanding the return of his duvet. He climbed onto his bunk bed and refused to interact with any of the housemates, including his partner, Ruth. The tension in the house intensified, with everyone anxiously awaiting the resolution of the duvet mystery.

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The Duvet is Found

Finally, the truth emerged as the whereabouts of the duvet were revealed. The duvet was eventually found, but the chaos and confusion that has gripped the house is far from over as no one has opened up to the offence.

Ali’s Promise of Havoc

Despite the return of his Duvet, Ali has vowed to make things difficult for his fellow housemates.

He ominously warned that he would not hesitate to take and withhold their belongings. With tensions already running high, it seems that the aftermath of the duvet drama will continue to reverberate through the Perfect Match Xtra.

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Social media fans have also taken to various channels to share their view on the scandal.

“This is hilarious ???? but I now understand the whole game. Bigup Ali,”  a user wrote.

Another commented, “The house will be boring if Ali shd leave”

As viewers, we can only wait and watch as the dynamics within the house continue to evolve and unravel in this gripping reality show.


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