Enjoy My Leaked Songs, But I Didn’t Officially Release Them – Black Sherif Tells Fans


Ghanaian artiste, Black Sherif, has expressed his discontent over his songs being leaked before their official release.


The ‘Kweku Killer’ singer referred to the perpetrators as ‘Babylons’ and accused them of trying to hinder his musical progress during a performance at the University of Ghana on Saturday, July 22, 2023.

Despite his dissatisfaction with the unauthorized leaks, the Kwaku The Traveller hitmaker urged his fans not to hold back from enjoying the leaked music.

“Some songs I recorded three years ago, two and a half years ago, some Babylons have got it and are blasting… So if you hear them somewhere, enjoy it. But if you don’t see me tweet, I never released it,” Black Sherif clarified.

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He also disclosed plans to release more songs in the coming weeks to his audience’s delight.

During the performance, Black Sherif treated the ecstatic crowd to “Bad Bitches,” one of the leaked songs, which earned him resounding cheers and applause from his devoted fans.

Black Sherif joins a list of musicians including Sarkodie whose music has been leaked without their permission.

As the music world grapples with issues of piracy and digital rights, this case once again serves as a stark reminder of the importance of protecting artists’ work and respecting their creative processes.

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