Fake rumours about my health have affirmed my belief that negative news travels really fast – KiDi


In the wake of recent false rumours surrounding his health, musician Kidi has opened up about the alarming pace at which fake news can propagate.

Speaking candidly about the impact of these rumours, the award-winning hip-life artiste emphasized how the experience reaffirmed his belief in the rapid spread of fake news within the age of social media.

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Kidi, known for his chart-topping hits including ‘Enjoyment’ ‘Shut Up’ and ‘Touch It’, found himself at the centre of a wave of unsubstantiated rumours regarding his well-being.

During a recent sitdown with host, Sika Osei on Lynx Entertainment’s Unstripped show, he reflected on the incident, stating, “It did not change my view about the media but it reaffirmed something we all know that negative news travels at the speed of light.”

Despite being a public figure, he found himself caught off guard by the swiftness with which the rumours spread and revealed that he had to switch off his phones due to the calls that came through.

“If I tell you how fast this thing travelled. Immediately I heard it, ten minutes later I had to put my phone off because calls were coming from everywhere, brands we work with, colleagues, family and friend,” he disclosed.

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Kidi’s personal encounter with the phenomenon also affected his son who was worried about his father’s health. It extended beyond his personal life as the misinformation caused unnecessary panic among his family, loved ones and business associates.

“Like if you have family and friends you won’t sit on the Internet and create rubbish. It even affected my son. He goes to school and people are saying your dad has a stroke,” he said.


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