False rumours about Efya made her lose big deals – Nana Adwoa Awindor

False rumours about Efya made her loose big deals - Nana Adwoa Awindor

Nanahemaa Adwoa Awindor, the host of the popular television show ‘Greetings from Abroad’, has opened up about the challenges her daughter, Ghanaian singer and songwriter Jane Afia Awindor, known by her stage name Efya, has faced due to false speculations.

In a candid interview on Joy Prime, Nanahemaa detailed how these baseless rumours and negative perceptions have impacted her daughter’s career and personal life.

Efya, celebrated for her musical talents and vocal prowess, has been no stranger to online backlash and false rumours surrounding her lifestyle.

Despite the artiste’s efforts to refute these claims on public platforms, the consequences of these speculations have taken a toll on her career trajectory and overall well-being.

Nanahemaa Adwoa Awindor recounted a particularly disheartening incident where Efya was on the brink of securing a significant business opportunity. However, this opportunity was derailed due to the circulation of false and distasteful news about her.

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“One of the instances we were working on a project, a huge project, and this broke it. The project didn’t happen, and as a mother, I’ll feel bad about it,” she shared.

The developmental Queen mother of Afigya-Kwabre in the Ashanti Region emphasized that such instances have far-reaching consequences.

According to her, investors who are interested in supporting and investing in Efya’s talent often hesitate when confronted with these negative narratives.

“These are instances where you’re working on something, sometimes we’re working on something that should push her somewhere and these things come up, that’s why I was saying earlier that we have to be careful the way we do and say things because you never know the effect,” she added.

Nanahemaa Adwoa Awindor also touched upon the emotional toll these situations have on her daughter.

She disclosed that as a mother, she encourages Efya to remain resilient, pray, and maintain her focus despite the challenges.

“If you’re an investor and you want to invest in somebody and you hear things about the person, whether it’s true or not, before you say jack you may have taken a step back to check it, so yes, it does affect us,” she noted.

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However, the mother-daughter duo remains steadfast in their belief that greater opportunities lie ahead.

Adwoa Awindor’s unwavering support and faith in Efya’s potential shine through as she reassures her daughter that the negativity will eventually subside.

“As I said, the better part of us is yet to come, not what is gone. I don’t believe in that, I believe in what is ahead and is bigger and better, so we’re praying for her,” she expressed.

Despite the challenges posed by the music industry and the impact of false narratives, Adwoa Awindor asserted that she has no regrets about Efya’s choice to pursue a career in music.

As a devoted mother, she remains ready to support her daughter regardless of her chosen path, a testament to their unbreakable bond.

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