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Funny Face needs help – Dada Boat speaks on mental health affecting creative artists


Veteran broadcaster and actor Mikki Osei Berko widely known as Dada Boat and also known as  Master Richard shared his thoughts on the mental health struggles faced by comedian Funny Face and creatives in general.

He emphasized the importance of offering support to individuals who may be silently battling their own issues in an exclusive interview with Blakk Rasta on Urban Blend.

Dada Boat acknowledged that, like Funny Face, many people in the industry go through similar challenges but choose not to publicize them.

“I think Funny Face needs support because you might not know but all of us might be going through similar issues however we are not advertising it,” he reiterated.

According to the actor, he also faced his own personal struggles, highlighting the contrast between his strong public persona and the inner battles he endures.

“I also go through my own issues as well. I’m saying that because people see me and my outlook looks very strong but I know deep within me the thing that I go through,” he indicated

However, he stressed that having the mental fortitude to overcome these difficulties or support from people was essential in overcoming the hurdles.

“You need to have either the mental strength to fight on your own or you need support,” he said.

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The veteran broadcaster revealed that he, too, has experienced mental breakdowns in the past, although he never reached the point of being hospitalized like Funny Face.

“Yes, I have gone through mental breakdown a number of times. I’ve not ended up at a psych ward like Funny Face but one time I sort for help by talking to a professional psychiatrist. I was battling depression and I found out that it’s not abnormal for what I do to go through these things once or twice in your life but you need to build that mental strength or support to help yourself. So Funny Face needs help,”  the stand comedian added.

Recall that Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng also known as Funny Face suffered bouts of depression which kept him away from the stage for months. According to the comedic actor in an interview with Giovani on 3FM Drive, he survived the episode and even news of his dad’s demise thanks to God.

“It’s been an amazing journey. It’s been God’s grace and you know sometimes as humans God wants you to move to a certain level you won’t listen. Then God will bring you back and break you and mould you again.

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Recognizing the challenges faced by performers, Dada Boat expressed his intention to gather resources by creating a network that offers both practical and emotional support to artists who may be going through difficult times.

“I am trying to put resources together to support performers because a lot of us are going through things and it doesn’t always mean financial but emotional support as well


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