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Ghanaian Fans React to Sarkodie’s Candid Interview on The Way with Yee Show


Ghana’s acclaimed rapper Sarkodie recently opened up about his controversial Diss track in response to Yvonne Nelson’s memoir during an interview on The Way with Yee Show.


For the first time, Sarkodie discussed the issues surrounding the song’s leak and his personal thoughts on its release along with the demise of his lawyer, Cynthia Quarcoo and other pertinent topics including his feature with Bob Marley and connections with Vic Mensa.

Fans quickly took to the YouTube comments section of the former Breakfast Club presenter to share their opinions and praise the rapper for his honesty and maturity.

Many expressed admiration for his self-belief and representation of Ghana on the global stage. Comments like “@donpablo5927” commended Sarkodie as a role model who proves that believing in oneself can lead to unprecedented success.

Others appreciated the interview itself, acknowledging Angela Yee’s team for conducting top-tier research and asking relevant questions.

Fans lauded Sarkodie’s poise and his ability to handle the interview with transparency and without resorting to negativity.

One user, “@joeyhagan1688,” declared it as the best Sarkodie interview ever, highlighting his adeptness at expressing himself genuinely.

Sarkodie’s response to Yvonne Nelson’s memoir was met with mixed feelings.

“@officialjbaiden9683” acknowledged the rapper’s comfort during the interview, attributing it to a more relaxed atmosphere, which stands in contrast to the Ghanaian media’s toxic environment that often pushes artists away.

He wrote, “Ghana media, you see how Sark can freely express himself, without you asking too many question?! That is because he feel at ease and comfortable. The toxicity in the media pushes artist away from even showing up.”

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While some fans admired Sarkodie’s wisdom and the way he articulates his thoughts, others voiced concerns about the diss track’s impact.

“@mmanuelgucci7059” stated, “People take advantage of him being quiet and letting things slide so I was very happy when release a song addressing that issue”

On the topic of Ghanaian media, “@Nana_qweku_5” urged them to learn from Angela Yee’s interview style, emphasizing that interviews should be conducted in a similar manner.

“@kwekusarpei6608” praised Sarkodie as the greatest rapper Africa has ever had and applauded Angela Yee for her role in the interview.


“@kobyhook8362” said “Great interview. @sarkodie was an absolute gentleman who addressed all issues as best as possible. I enjoyed every second of it, Angela did her homework with all the questions she asked.”

While there were positive reactions, some critics were not entirely convinced as they questioned the timing of Sarkodie’s thought process, suggesting that he should have taken more time before releasing the diss track.

Notable were fans on Facebook who also shared their reactions, with different opinions on the matter.

“This is exactly what you should have done (processing) instead of rushing to release that diss track. Man is thinking now,” a user posted.

Others believed that he should take responsibility for the content of the song.

Dominic Jay More stated, “See who is talking about sensitivity after such content in the song the damage has already been done massa” while Richard Adetsi  wrote, “You’ve got to take responsibility for your actions and stop the excuse”

Monica Quarcoo accused him of lying once again. She said “Seriously ???? he is not even sure of himself if these lies can hold”

Overall, Sarkodie’s interview on The Way with Yee Show sparked a mix of emotions among fans, showcasing the impact of his music and further solidified his status as a prominent figure in the African music industry.

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