Ghanaian singer Fantana claps back at Zari Hassan, accusing her of body reconstruction and disputing billionaire status


In a recent development on the Young, Famous and African reality show, Ghanaian singer Fantana has responded to Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, who recently “cancelled” both her and her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

The feud between the two personalities has attracted attention due to the intense exchange of words and allegations made.

In an earlier post, Zari Hassan had emphasized her status as a “self-made billionaire,” accusing Diamond of lying in order to pursue a relationship with Fantana, with whom she had a public altercation on the reality show.

Zari further alleged that Diamond was seeking clout by claiming she was obsessed with him and desired to have another child with him.

Adding fuel to the fire, Zari claimed that Diamond allowed Fantana, who she alleged had undergone five liposuctions, to disrespect her merely to satisfy his own desires.

She accused the singer of involving herself in situations with individuals she deemed to be “low-life whores” solely for the sake of gaining popularity.

In response, Fantana, 25 has vehemently denied the accusations and made a startling claim of her own.

According to the dancehall singer, Zari had allegedly undergone body reconstruction procedures to resemble her, pointing to the Ugandan socialite’s misplaced navel as evidence.

The ‘Rich Gyal Anthem’ singer then took it upon herself to lecture Zari on the true definition of a billionaire, referencing the 2023 list of Africa’s billionaires to challenge Zari’s self-proclaimed status.

“do u know what it means to be a billionaire? I guess they’re just handing out billionaire-status titles for free,” she posted

In a series of social media posts, Fantana directly addressed Zari, contesting her claims and questioning the authenticity of her physical appearance and wealth.

She questioned the credibility of Zari’s alleged five liposuctions and criticized her for allegedly fabricating a false life.

“Someone please give this lady her medication “5 bbls? you literally have reconstructed your entire body to look like me. Have you seen where your belly button is? “Failed career? what did you accomplish when you were 25?” she questioned.

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Fantana also made reference to Zari’s past controversies, including a leaked sex tape, and commented on her marriage to a younger individual.

“you found access to an iPhone and bought internet and built a fake ass life F and let’s not forget your sex tape since you think you’re better than everyone, & now you’re married to a high school boy. I look like a she/he? you literally SHAKE anytime you see me, be for real,” she disclosed

The ongoing feud between Fantana and Zari Hassan has captivated audiences, drawing attention to the clash of personalities and the public scrutiny that often accompanies reality television.

As the exchange of words continues, fans and followers eagerly await further developments in this highly publicized dispute.

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