Ghanaians celebrate the dead more than the living and I don’t understand why – Ofori Amponsah


Ghanaian music icon, Ofori Amponsah has urged Ghanaians to shift their focus from investing in the dead to celebrating the living in a poignant message on TV.

Mr. All4Real who was a special guest on  Onua Showtime with Mcbrown, shared his thoughts on the importance of acknowledging and appreciating artists during their lifetime, rather than waiting until they are no longer with us.

With a remarkable 25-year journey in showbiz set to be commemorated in 2024, Ofori Amponsah expressed his preference for honouring individuals during their lifetime rather than attending funerals, believing that genuine celebration should happen in the present moment.

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“Sometimes people want you to die before they celebrate you and say oh as for this guy he was good. I really don’t like funerals that much, so I rarely attend,” he shared.

According to the ‘Otoolege’ crooner,  it is important to extend a helping hand to others whiles the are alive instead of waiting for them to depart from this world before offering support.

“I believe in celebrating the living. If someone wants a cup of water, offer it to them, don’t wait for them to leave this earth before you go and buy stuff for their funeral,” he admonished.

As Ofori Amponsah approaches the milestone of 25 years in the entertainment industry in 2024, his call for celebrating the living takes on even greater significance, especially at a time when many veterans have been neglected t,o their fate and only celebrated after their death.

“You can ask someone for 1 cedi and they’ll not give you but wait and let me die, they’ll find large sums of money to buy a coffin or give donations, I don’t understand this behaviour, we really need to celebrate the living,” he added.


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