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#GMB2023: Savanna region’s Titiaka bags her first award as ‘Best Costumed’ for the night


In the display of cultural similarity and unity, coupled with creativity, Titiaka from the Savanna region clinched the coveted ‘Best Costume’ award on the night themed “One Africa”.

The night was dedicated to celebrating the unity and shared heritage of African nations, a cause passionately championed by each contestant who graced the stage for the evening.

Titiaka’s presentation threw an enlightening spotlight on Botswana’s thriving cattle industry, an essential cornerstone of the nation’s economy and a source of immense national pride. The showcase of this integral industry symbolized the prosperity and resilience of Botswana.

What truly set Titiaka apart was her meticulous attention to detail in her costume. As she stepped onto the stage, she exquisitely represented Botswana’s unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Adorned in a dress and sandals crafted from authentic animal skins, Titiaka captured the essence of Botswana’s rich wildlife and paid homage to her nation’s (for the night) natural wonders.

Her outfit was further complemented by a splendid array of accessories, including beads, a necklace, and ornate armlets, all meticulously selected to reflect the vibrant traditions and customs of Botswana. Her appearance was a testament to the respect and regard she held for her people and their heritage.


Yet, Titiaka’s path to victory was no easy feat. In a competition brimming with talent and creativity, she faced formidable contenders. Among them were Nurah from the Northern region and Sung-Suma from the Upper-West region, whose outfits also stood out, but ultimately fell short of capturing the coveted award.

For Titiaka, this triumph marked a significant milestone as it was her very first award on the show. As a reward for her remarkable appearance, she received a bounty of goodies from some of the show’s sponsors; Top Choco and Sankofa Natural Spices.

With each passing week, the competition grows fiercer and contestants depend on the support of their loyal viewers. To ensure your favorite contestants remain in the spotlight, viewers are encouraged to cast their votes. This can be done by dialing *713*13# or by downloading the TV3 Reality App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


By Esther Aryee|3xtra.tv|Ghana

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