Highlife as a genre can win Ghana’s first Grammy Awards – Abiana and Fameye express unified conviction


Ghanaian musicians, Abiana and Fameye have expressed a unified conviction that elevating highlife music should be a priority as it has the potential to win Ghana its first Grammy Awards.

The two who are promoting their new collab, Far Away, during a recent episode of “The Day Show” hosted by the celebrated Berla Mundi delved into the perception of highlife and its potential for international recognition.

Host of the show, Berla Mundi posed the question of whether highlife music could potentially win a Grammy award to the two during the show.

Abiana and Fameye were quick to agree, firmly asserting that Highlife possesses the calibre and depth required to make a significant impact on the global stage. The duo said in unison,”Yes, of course, It will,”

They emphasized that while new genres like Ghana Drill are gaining traction, highlife remains an iconic and resonant genre that holds immense potential.

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“Ghana Drill is there but highlife is the thing. We should pay more attention to highlife. Even Drill has components of highlife in there,” they pointed out.

Both artistes urged fellow musicians and industry stakeholders to rally behind highlife and foster a renewed appreciation for its cultural significance and global appeal.

As the dialogue unfolded on “The Day Show,” Abiana and Fameye painted a picture of a vibrant music scene grappling with complex dynamics including the current situation where most DJ’s will play 80% Afrobeats over authentic Ghanaian music.

Their shared enthusiasm for highlife and its enduring potential illuminated the need to amplify the genre, allowing it to flourish both within Ghana’s borders and beyond.

“We are still banging to the Highlife the old people did so then what is different from what we are doing?? It’s just that people have been preconditioned that Afrobeats is the ISH now. if you go to pubs the playlists of the DJ are fully Afrobeats so immediately the Highlife is mixed people start questioning the tunes,” Abiana posited.


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