Home Showbiz Highlife is too difficult for lazy Ghanaian musicians to record – Okyeame Quophi asserts

Highlife is too difficult for lazy Ghanaian musicians to record – Okyeame Quophi asserts


Radio presenter and former Hiplife rapper, Okyeame Quophi has chided ‘lazy Ghanaian musicians’ for their inability to record original Highlife music.

Speaking on MG Digital’s Showbiz University podcast, he expressed the belief that Highlife is a complex genre that requires a deep understanding of music theory and practice.

According to the former member of Akyeame, many of Ghana’s musicians opt for easier and more trendy genres, resulting in music with short lifespans.

“I want you to also understand that high life is not an easy kind of music to make. They’re making easy music and it passes quickly. Every other music that is being produced right now, you realize has a very short lifespan,” he shared

Okyeame Quophi argued these musicians failed to grasp the essence of Highlife because it takes time and dedication to compose a great Highlife son

“It doesn’t take long for it to expire and they’re looking for the next thing,” he argued “For you to be able to compose a very good high-life song, you must understand music. There are rigours in there that you must learn. The current crop of musicians are just lazy.

He further pointed out that the problem lies not in a deliberate refusal to embrace Highlife but rather in the lack of knowledge and understanding among the current generation of musician

“They don’t understand and you cannot practice what you don’t understand. So it is not like they are refusing. They don’t know how. There’s a difference. So the people that know how, when they bring it in, you yourself, you are giving me the testimonies here that it always becomes a hit,” he said.

Okyeame Quophi suggested that musicians should invest time in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to create authentic and timeless Highlife music.

“So if you know how to use it because you know it, then you can actually bring about it anytime you want and you will make a difference. So they should go learn what the hard life progressions are,” he finally added.

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