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I didn’t beat my baby mama up; even I was shocked when I heard the news – Kelvynboy


Popular afrobeat music sensation, Kelvyn Boy has finally spoken out to clear the air on the allegations that he assaulted the mother of his twins back in 2022.

The artiste, whose real name is Kelvyn Brown, addressed the issue for the first time during an interview with Andy Dosty.

He vehemently denied the allegations and provided insights into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The allegations stemmed from a video interview in 2022 where a woman claiming to be Deborah Kponyi, the mother of Kelvyn Boy’s twins, accused him of subjecting her to continuous abuse. She provided evidence of wounds sustained from the alleged attacks.

However, the ‘Kpo k3k3’ singer strongly asserted that he didn’t know the woman in question and that all reports against him were false.

During the interview, Kelvyn Boy expressed his shock upon seeing pictures of himself and a woman with injuries and marks.

He emphasized that he and his friends immediately recognized that the woman in the images was not Deborah. He firmly stated, “That’s not true,” and categorically denied any involvement in such incidents.

“It was when I heard and saw a picture of myself and some strange woman who had been beaten with marks and blood, and it was reported that it was me who beat up my baby mama like that. I was shocked; even my guys were like, ‘but this is not Debbie’.”

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Kelvyn Boy clarified the situation that led to his arrest. He explained that he was arrested following a simple argument with his baby mama and not as a result of any assault.

According to him, the argument revolved around some items he had picked up from a shop.

“We had an argument, and she went to report to the police that I had picked some things from the shop,” he explained.

The artist attributed the false allegations to the challenges of being a public figure. He highlighted how people might twist his words or actions to gain attention and generate controversy.

When asked about his delayed response in addressing the allegations, Kelvyn Boy revealed that he was busy promoting his hit single “Down Flat” and wanted to remain focused on his music career.

He indicated that he didn’t want distractions that could potentially hinder his promotional efforts.

Kelvyn Boy who is tight lipped about his private life away from showbiz in June of 2022 was also reported to have tied the knot with his rich lover, Shayla Brown, a situation that infuriated his ex, Debbie.

The couple has since welcomed twin sons.

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