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I don’t respect a rapper who raps on a one way beat all the time – Ayigbe Edem


Renowned Ghanaian music artist, Ayigbe Edem has shared his perspective on who he considers a good rapper, emphasizing the importance of content, style, and dexterity.

According to Edem,37, a rapper should possess the ability to rap on different beats, and he expressed his lack of respect for those who stick to a single beat.

Edem, known for his versatility and ability to seamlessly transition between various musical styles, appeared as a guest on Showbiz 360 with Chrystal K Aryee where he was answering a question from a studio audience on who a good rapper is.

“A good rapper should have content. A good rapper should have style and dexterity which means they should be able to rap on different beats,” he explained.

The Volta Regime boss believes that substance and skill are essential qualities for a rapper, especially in an industry that values innovation and creativity while encouraging artistes to explore diverse beats and showcase their adaptability.

“so for me, I don’t respect any rapper who raps on just one beat. That means you should have substance and dexterity and then you should be able to deliver on a lot of beats,”  he added

For Edem, Ghana should not be proud of putting just one person as the best rapper in Ghana because there were so many rappers with great talent hence pushing one will only belittle the gains of the industry.

“I think that my voice is powerful, I wouldn’t want to say who the best rapper is, when we were coming up, we thought that was a big deal, it’s not a big deal. When we mention just one person as the best in Ghana we are not doing the country any credit, it means there are not enough people who are actually good in the country,” he explained.

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By pushing a number of rap artists as some of the best, he believes the world will be able to experience the creative prowess of Ghanaians who are pushing their boundaries, experimenting with different flows, and ultimately captivating their audience.

“We should have thousand and one rappers who are very good in Ghana instead of saying only one person is good because we don’t say only one good mechanic in Ghana or you yourself you just don’t want one millionaire in your family, now that we are bigger and we are exposed, we will not be doing what we used to say and say this one is the best rapper. everybody is artistic in their own way but I can mention people I like listening to,” he indicated.

The ‘Nyedzilo’ singer’s comments have been with great response from fans and pundits who praised him for highlighting the importance of diversity and collecting pushing the Ghanan brand to the world.


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