I haven’t married Ayisha Modi;our relationship isn’t official – Abass Sariki dismisses marital claims


Abass Sariki, a prominent Ghanaian businessman, has firmly refuted rumours suggesting that he is married to controversial socialite and entrepreneur, Ayisha Modi.

Mr. Sariki clarified his relationship status with Ms. Modi, asserting that he has no knowledge of such an arrangement.

“My relationship with Ayisha Modi isn’t official. I am for everyone. You can use my name so long as it’s not for criminal purposes or to harm someone. If you mention my name anywhere, Abbas is just a name, but you haven’t touched Abbas. But if you try to use my name for anything negative, I won’t tolerate that,” he told Blogger Sammy Kay.

The businessman went on to clarify that he is solely married to his two existing wives, with Ayisha Modi having no part in his marital life.

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Expressing surprise at the rumours and disturbances surrounding their alleged marriage, Sariki stated, “I don’t even know what is going on. They are troubling themselves. I am not bothered when people use my name for different reasons because I have other important matters to focus on.”

His comments come off the back of comments by Hi-Life powerhouse, Ofori Amponsah who insisted in a recent interview that he was still married to Ayisha whom he shares a 17-year-old child.

“She is really my wife, We are still together. We have broken up and made up several times, which is normal but we are still together,” Ofori Amponsah said on radio.

The alleged marriage between Abass Sariki and Ayisha Modi first gained attention in 2022 when Modi repeatedly claimed that they were a couple.

Even recently, she took to social media to define her place in his life.

However, Sariki’s recent statements firmly deny any such relationship, leaving the rumours surrounding their alleged marriage to rest.


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