I reject a lot of foreign gigs because organizers want to do ‘God bless you’ and leave – Empress Gifty


The 2012 VGMA Gospel Artist of the Year, Empress Gifty has recently divulged that she declines the opportunity to perform on international platforms and shares the reason why.

Joining Giovanni Caleb and AJ Sarpong on 3FM Drive, the Ghanaian musician revealed that she has rejected a number of foreign gigs because she was not comfortable with the nature of their structure.

“I turn down a lot of foreign gigs because of their structure. I am being honest. When it comes to working together, I am the kind of person that understands certain things. Just tell me all I need to know before I make my final decision,” she disclosed.

She pointed out that she “calls the shots” whenever anyone wants to work with her and a lot of people do not approve of it but her decision remains unchanged.

“You need them but when they come, they want to give their offer as if they are in your team. I won’t do a show where you tell me what you have; I will call the shots because you need me. When I started, people did not understand but I still stand where I am. When you come, you’ll go through my contract and when you understand stuff, we move,” she indicated.

According to the Gospel singer, sometimes, these foreign gigs offer amounts that do not even reach the cost of plane tickets to get to the destination. In other cases, they want to leave one with a “God bless you”.

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“We’re doing business and you need me to do publicity for you. I turn a lot of them down because they want to do ‘God bless you’ and leave. You come for Empress, I have to buy business class for almost Gh¢50,000 and you want to pay me Gh¢15,000,” she stated, ending her submission with, “Does it go well?”

Empress Gifty further highlighted that she is capable of hosting free events but it goes for a specific group of people and she explains why.

“I believe in relationships; I don’t joke with them. I can do free events but I will do it for someone I know I’ll get a huge amount from later,” she mentioned.
By Esther Aryee|3XTRA.TV|Ghana

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