I slept on the floors of public toilet for a whole year before my music career kicked off- Lady Scarce


Lady Scarce, the fast-rising Ghanaian music songstress from Scarcelee Entertainment Camp has shocked fans with the sentimental story of her rise to prominence and the obstacles she overcame on her journey to success.

In a heartfelt interview on Onua 95.1 FM’s #AdwumaAdwuma with Felicia Osei, the ‘Jeje’ hitmaker revealed that despite her modest background she was unwavering in her pursuit for success, having to resort to unconventional means of livelihood to survive.

According to Lady Scarce, when she first arrived in Accra, life was far from easy as she found herself residing in Taifa and later Kasoa, where she faced unimaginable hardships, including sleeping in public toilets and bathhouses.

“When I first came to Accra I  really suffered, I was living in Taifa and later Kasoa. I used to sleep on the floors of public toilets and bathhouses,” the promising musician shared “I slept at Zakus toilet and bath for a good one year.”

She further revealed that she would wake up in the early morning and make her way to Circle, where she would work as a trotro mate. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, she would mingle with the “boys boy” and immerse herself in the street culture while swapping mobile phones in the street.

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“Every morning I’ll come to circle and work as a trotro mate and mingle with the boys boys. I’ll also join the guys swapping mobile phones in the street. I was doing that and picking up myself on the street cos it wasn’t on the street,” she recounted amidst tears on radio

Her determination to overcome financial challenges and pay for studio sessions led her to trek daily from Kazoo to Circle, leaving no stone unturned in her pursuit of musical excellence.

“I could trek daily from Kasoa to Circle just to be able to put things right because paying for studio sessions is very difficult until God made it possible for me to come out with my single,” she added.

Being a female trotro mate, she revealed, also presented its own set of challenges for Lady Scarce, especially amongst drivers who initially offered to work with her only to start making sexual advances towards her. However, these obstacles only fueled her determination to succeed.

“Even as a trotro mate, it was not easy. Most drivers will offer to work with me until they realise I’m female not a male then they start making advances at me. They mostly did not recognise I was a female due to my physique and how I dressed,” she submitted.

Lady Scarce’s journey from the streets of Accra to becoming a rising music sensation has touched fans online who have described her as nothing short of extraordinary. Her current songs “Ibe Yawa” and “Jeje.” are gradually climbing the charts and she is positive it’ll solidify her position as a rising star to watch which will lead to financial gains.


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