I stand by my position that Broda Sammy’s publicity stunt was foolishness – Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo


Ghanaian journalist and entertainment pundit, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo has once again defended his critical stance against gospel singer,  Broda Sammy for his untoward behaviour a few weeks ago.

Arnold who is a regular guest on United Showbiz did not mince words in an earlier episode where he condemned Broda Sammy unequivocally for his unconventional marketing strategies as not being in tandem with the teachings of Christ and should not be entertained.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before in all my years growing up in the church. This is a gentleman inviting multitudes to the church through evangelism and this is how he goes about it??,” he quizzed.

Broda Sammy who was unhappy with the situation made an appearance on the show over the weekend to defend himself and ask for a retraction.

However, an unmovable Arnold said he stood by his criticism, insisting that he did not insult the controversial singer, but rather criticized his actions.

“I am not moving, I am standing by my positioning with all my strength and my vigour. I did not insult him, I only criticised the behaviour he portrayed,” Arnold submitted “There is a difference. I said the foolishness is too much, yes I said it, but I did not insult you.”

Despite the tension and interruption from Broda Sammy and host Mz Gee, Arnold maintained his stance and urged gospel singers to be mindful of the way they promote their events.

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Arnold continued: “I said you are fooling with the gospel too much, the manner in which you are projecting Christ is stupid. In fact, all of you who indulged in that act, all of you who came up with that video, are not correct. I am telling you, it is foolishness,”

Citing the bible as a reference point, Arnold said “Solomon wasn’t a fool but a point, he started acting foolish when he brought a lot of women into his life and started dealing with idols. David wasn’t a foolish person but when he went after someone’s wife, that act was a foolish act.”

Recall that the Gospel musician as part of his album unveiling implored heavily endowed women to twerk with the aim of inviting people to his upcoming gospel event, which has led to widespread condemnation.

But an unrepentant Broda Sammy defended his actions, stating that it was a way of winning souls to Christ rather than leading them to temptation.


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