I’m a full package – Amerado talks about his latest hit ‘Kwaku Ananse’


Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, popularly known as Amerado has indicated that he should be regarded as a “full package” artiste due to his versatility and ability to grasp new skills to fit the trends.

In a recent interview with Giovanni Caleb on Showbiz 360, the Ghanaian rapper shared insights into his latest hit single ‘Kwaku Anase,’ emphasizing his determination to evolve and challenge himself as a versatile musician.

Amerado confidently declared: “I’m a full package — I am a musician. I always want to evolve, learn, and challenge myself. I can’t limit my prowess.”

Addressing the curiosity surrounding his genre-defying approach, Amerado acknowledged that people often wonder when a rapper attempts something different. He anticipates that his versatility will continue to surprise and impress fans.

He continued: “People are always curious about something they have no clue about, especially when they know you are a rapper trying to do something different. They’ll be wowed and find it very impressive,” adding that “Some time is coming, I’ll do what Abobo thems were doing. I can sing like Celine Dion.”

Discussing the creation of ‘Kwaku Anase,’ Amerado revealed that the song was a freestyle, composed on the spot without prior written lyrics.

“It wasn’t written, but I did it myself. It was a freestyle but in bits. I used an hour to put everything together because the inspiration was there,” he explained

He also shared that recent discussions about Ghanaian artistes not filling venues like the O2 Arena influenced his decision to create this unique song, noting that songs can convey messages just as effectively as interviews.

“I remember last week I went for an interview and they were discussing Asake’s performance at the O2 and why Ghanaian artistes are not able to fill that place. I told them that my main priority is to feed my mum so that influenced my decision to do this kind of song. Whatever can be said in interviews, can be said in songs,” he noted.

“It’s nice if we can fill the O2 or maybe, the Madison Square Gardens but if we are not there yet, we can’t blame ourselves too much. We just have to put in work and pray for better days.”

The ‘Yeete Nsem’ curator also expressed his desire for continued success adding that for the first time, he prayed for another hit song this year.

He emphasized the importance of staying consistent to remain relevant in the industry, stating, “I prayed to God to give me another hit song this year. Staying consistent is key; that’s the main reason why you can fall or rise so, I always want to be relevant and heard— I don’t want to fade away.”

Regarding his latest release, ‘Kwaku Anase,’ Amerado shared that it has gained rapid traction. He stated, “I have ‘Grace’, ‘Abotr3’ and ‘Me Tua’ with Kuami Eugene but this one I would say is the fastest to blow.”

In anticipation of the song’s music video, Amerado hinted that his team is diligently working on it and informed viewers that it has a dance challenge.

“Pretty soon, the video will be out. The team is working on it. It also comes with a challenge,” he concluded.

By Esther Aryee|3xtra.tv|Ghana

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