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Investors Lack Understanding of Our Music Business – Stonebwoy Reveals

Investors Lack Understanding of Our Music Business, Stonebwoy Reveals

Ghanaian dancehall musician Stonebwoy, in a candid conversation with Berla Mundi on 3 Entertainment‘s  Twitter Space has expressed his concerns about the lack of comprehension among investors when it comes to the intricacies of the music industry.


Currently, in the U.S.A to promote his 5th Dimension album, Stonebwoy delved into the challenges faced by Ghanaian artistes in terms of financial support and the absence of enthusiastic backers.

“Ghanaian artiste don’t have support financially because I believe that the understanding is not convincing enough for bankrollers to be able to hire all these arms and all these people that make things work at the biggest level,” he shared

Stonebwoy emphasized the business nature of the music industry and drew parallels between the need for government loans and financing in the same vein.

“We are willing and continuing to hire and employ as and when we can because guess what this also business even government has to go and take loans, government needs financiers and I tell you that this is that part of the situation where we don’t have,” he stated.

The acclaimed artist pointed out the limited financial backing for the industry despite the presence of senior figures who appear to be associated with artists.

He highlighted that their involvement is often more for personal enjoyment rather than substantial financial investment.

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“These our senior men that you guys see around us, I can tell you that it is mostly for the fun of it.  What business do they have to do with us??” he asked rhetorically

Stonebwoy further questioned the genuine business interests these senior individuals have in the music industry and alluded to their other ventures, such as real estate and oil, as being more lucrative and compelling for investment.

“They are businessmen in their regard, real estate gurus, oil gurus, it’s just nice to have an artiste around as and when they want. Once in a while they may do you good here and there but what I am telling you vividly and point blank is that it is not convincing enough to them to put their monies behind the business,” he disclosed

Acknowledging that some investors lack a true passion for the music industry, Stonebwoy’s remarks underline the broader issue of a disconnect between financial backing and the creative needs of artists.

He revealed an instance where an investor admitted to having minimal knowledge and passion for the industry.

“I have one of them tell some of the things I am surprised too even hear. Some of them really don’t have an idea or passion for our industry,” Stonebwoy hammered.



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