I’ve advised Yvonne Nelson not to pay attention to the insensitive comments about her in the media – Adjetey Anang


Renowned Ghanaian actor, Adjetey Anang, has revealed that he has spoken to Yvonne Nelson after the release of her memoir, I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON not to pay attention to the online commentary.


The charismatic actor known for his remarkable achievements in the film and entertainment industry is also set to release a memoir to mark his 50th birthday on July 7th.

Speaking on United Showbiz, Adjetey, fondly known as “Pusher,” shared that he had advised  Yvonne Nelson in dealing with the detractors and negative commentary on social media after the release of the memoir.

According to him, he encouraged her to remain resilient and ignore the critics.

“I just encouraged her that as much as possible, she should try to be insensitive to the comments,” Adjetey Anang said. “Some people are saying all sorts of things, so paying attention won’t help.”

Drawing from his own experience, he revealed that paying too much attention to external opinions had led him into trouble in the past and tasked Yvonne to focus on her school.

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“Her focus should be on her kindergarten; that should give her joy. I encouraged her to cut the responses because some time ago, that was what I did and it landed me into trouble,” he divulged on the show.

Expressing his discomfort with the clash between Sarkodie and Yvonne, two people he admires, Adjetey Anang underscored the need for understanding and healing for both parties.

“It’s very difficult for me that two of the people I admire in a lot of ways are clashing,” he told the show’s host. “I can’t condemn anybody; I can’t judge anybody. I just hope that there is a healing; that we won’t dwell on the negativity people are throwing into this. We’re not in their shoes, we can only comment on what we heard.

In a separate interview with Giovanni Caleb on Showbiz 360, Adjetey Anang discussed his own memoir and shed light on its contents.

He explained that his book primarily delves into his personal journey as well as his successes and flaws.

He also maintained that he would not allow Yvonne Nelson’s memoir to influence his own.

“Actually, no, because then when I do, I’ll not be telling what I want to tell,” Adjetey said. “It will not be real for me, and having the courage to own your voice and let it out there without any compromise is important.”


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