Marrying in my 20s stole precious years of my life – Kwabena Kwabena


Popular Ghanaian Highlife singer, Kwabena Kwabena, has opened up about his regret regarding marrying in his 20s, expressing that it stole precious years of his life.

In an interview with Zionfelix, the ‘Aso’ hitmaker revealed that he should have focused on his young and blossoming career instead of settling down.

Reflecting on his past decisions, Kwabena Kwabena shared, “The irony of the whole thing is, I played a role in stealing my whole life away from me at a point. The reason why I am saying that is as at 26 and 27, around that time, I felt that what I should have done was to focus on my career and not allow any external force to derail my train.”

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Despite the missed opportunities he believes he encountered during that period, Kwabena Kwabena expressed contentment in reclaiming lost moments in his life.

Now older and wiser, he understands the importance of seizing opportunities and cherishing every experience.

He emphasized, “I feel I was a young guy around that time, but by God’s grace, God has given me the chance again to have a second shot at my life. That’s the reason why I am not taking things for granted because around that time, there were other people who have become casualties or were involved, and so I don’t want to make it look as if I was a great person and somebody was bad.”

Kwabena Kwabena, 44,  admitted that he should have prioritized his career over other aspects of life, particularly marriage, during that period. However, rather than wallowing in misery, he has found solace in channeling difficult circumstances, such as heartbreak, into his music.

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The “Adult Music” singer experienced a tumultuous journey in his marriage. After tying the knot with his first and second wives,  Esther and Abena Owusuaa respectively, the relationship eventually ended in divorce, marred by allegations of infidelity.


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