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MOG Beatz to Firestick: I’m Not Shatta Wale; Think Before You Mention My Name!


In a swift escalation of words and sentiments, the Ghanaian music scene has once again witnessed a heated clash between renowned sound producer MOG Beatz and UK-based Ghanaian fashion critic Firestick.


The rift ignited when Firestick made disparaging remarks about MOG Beatz, igniting a fiery backlash from the producer.

The clash began when MOG Beatz discovered that Firestick had urged him to stay within the realm of music production and steer clear of venturing into the role of an artist.

This critique hit a nerve, and MOG Beatz’s response was nothing short of explosive.

MOG Beatz warned the fashion critic to stay away from issues that are not in his jurisdiction, revealing that he was not in the same condition as Shatta Wale who had decided to ignore the unwarranted jabs.

“That boy firewood or fire stick see let me tell you, you can’t tell me how to do my work. You are a scammer, you use the credit cards of white people to buy shoes and all, and nobody comes for you, I’ll speak about it openly. Shatta Wale won’t mind you but for me, I’ll mention your name,” he fumed.

With fiery rhetoric, he launched a scathing attack on Firestick, asking him to focus on his career as a sneakerhead.

“You are asking me to focus on producer stuff and things. You sell sneakers why don’t you focus on that? Why are you telling artistes how to manage their careers and brand themselves?” he queried.


The exchanges between the two escalated even further, with MOG Beatz questioning Firestick’s achievements in life.

MOG Beatz pointed out that Firestick’s supposed failed boxing career had led him down a path where he allegedly resorted to marrying a woman with older children in order to secure a UK visa.

These personal jabs intensified the war of words.

“You are talking about how artistes don’t have good videos.Are you a producer? You are 40 years old, use your senses. Why are you stupid ?? You are married to a cougar just for citizenship. You are desperate,” MOG in a voice tweet on the microblogging site.


In a direct hit at Firestick’s credibility, MOG Beatz dismissed any notion of heeding career advice from an individual he deemed a “failure” without substantial production or musical experience.

The confrontation took an online turn, as MOG Beatz unleashed a tirade of words on Twitter, rapidly capturing attention and sparking conversations across the Ghanaian music sphere.

The entanglement took an even more complex turn as it intersected with another Ghanaian artist, Strongman.

Firestick’s previous interactions with Strongman also came under scrutiny, resulting in a fresh round of debates and discussions.

Strongman, perhaps attempting to mediate, issued advice amid the conflict, only to find himself indirectly targeted by Firestick’s threats which resulted in threats of violence during a dedicated Twitter space on August 23, 2023.

As the fallout continues to reverberate across social media and the music community, observers are left to contemplate the broader implications of such confrontations.

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