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My lookalikes are just showing me love but in different way – King Promise


‘Terminator’ crooner, Gregory Promise Bortey  Newman, who goes by the stage name King Promise has shared his thoughts on his lookalikes and the unique way in which they show him love.

During his appearance on #3FMDrive with AJ and Giovanni, the Ghanaian musician who has been silent about the doppelgängers who have taken over the entertainment industry finally shared his two cents on the issue.

When a fan texted in to inquire about his thoughts on having lookalikes, King Promise expressed gratitude for the love and support he receives from his fans, even when they resemble him physically.

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He acknowledged that having lookalikes is a testament to his impact on the music industry.

“Listen I have seen it on the Internet. First of all to do what I do and have people see me as their mentor or I inspire them and they want to be like me,” King Promise said. I didn’t choose the situation but it is a blessing that I get to inspire generations which is also like my generation as well.

Over the past few weeks, other several celebrities have decried the motives of their lookalikes and issued threats to them to desist from using their brand and image for performance or attention.

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Medikal, Shatta Wale and Kuami Eugene have all joined the discussion however, King Promise is of a different view and believes that his fans may connect with him not only through his music but also through their physical resemblance.

“I have seen people bash them and people are angry at them. I am chill. I am just making my music after all we know who the original is. People are having fun doing their own thing,” he expressed.

King Promise also indicated that in a situation where they overstepped their boundaries ‘what will be done will be done’

He embraced the fact that his fans find joy in identifying with him and being associated with his image.

“They’re just showing love but they’re doing it in a different way cos they’re times you see people and they’re very aggressive, some may even break your windscreen but this one they just want to be like you,” he added.

His response has been with positive comments from fans who believe that this reflects his humility and appreciation for his fans’ support.

It also demonstrates his deep understanding that his music has resonated with people in a profound way, resulting in a strong emotional connection just like other Hollywood stars including Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley and many others who have fans that dress up like them.

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