Home Showbiz Naana Blu is really ungrateful – Mimi Andani speaks on terse relationship with her former signee

Naana Blu is really ungrateful – Mimi Andani speaks on terse relationship with her former signee


Ghanaian musician and C.E.O of Golden Movie Awards, Mimi Andani Micheals has labelled her former signee and fast-rising Ghanaian artiste, Naana Blu as “ungrateful.”

Mimi Andani who was a panellist on ShowTime With McBrown on Onua TV, claimed that her record label had done a favour for artistes like Naana Blue and six others by signing them and investing significant resources in their grooming and development.

Andani Micheals revealed that she had started her own record label, The Darling’s Record Label, with the intention of nurturing and grooming talented artists.

“I hope you know I started a record label, the darling’s record label, I had 6 artistes that I was grooming, and I groomed them for about one to two years. My concept was different. I wanted to groom them for live band, how to speak on set, how to dress before bringing them out, two years,” she recounted.

However, the former music artiste and record label boss accused Naana Blu of breaking their contract and leaving the label for another opportunity without properly ending their agreement

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“One of them was Naana Blu if you heard the rift between us. She’s still my artiste but she’s somewhere else. The reason why I stopped is because of Naana Blu. Because of  her ungratefulness all the other 5, I stopped grooming them. She broke the contract,” she alleged.

She also claimed to have unreleased music videos and songs amounting to almost an EP (extended play) from Naana Blu that remain in her possession.

“She went somewhere else without ending my contract and I have three videos unreleased, I have songs that’s almost an EP,” she added.

Mimi Andani explaining her reason for not pursuing legal action against Naana Blu said that Naana Blue was a child who would have been destroyed if she took the matter to court.

According to Andani, she had extended a favour to Naana Blu after being moved by her story and wanting to help her pursue a music career.

“I didn’t pursue it legally because she’s a child,” she emphasized  “It was a favour I did for her, I decided to listen to her story and I was touched so I wanted to start something with her. I didn’t want to take advantage of her because she was a young girl”

Mimi Andani’s statements also served as a response to Mr. Drew, who recently left Kaywa’s High Spiritual Music record label.

Countering Mr. Drew’s assertion, she argued that a producer signing an artist is a favour done to the artiste as there were numerous artistes to choose from and work with.

“I spent over 200k cedis grooming and recording videos, she left em in the middle to the new place she is, I am making this point to counter Mr Drew’s earlier submission that a producer signing you is not a favour. It even takes the favour of God for someone to pick you over all the others, so I don’t agree with him,” she finally added.

Mimi Andani’s statements have moved many to express interest in hearing Naana Blu’s side of the story.

As the situation unfolds, 3XTRA will closely monitor any developments and reactions from Naana Blu.

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