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Nana Ama Mcbrown and other prominent movie industry experts discuss Nigerian wealthy individuals’ support for film


In a recent discussion on ONUA Showtime With McBrown, film director Peter Sedufia, producer Mimi Anadani, actor Kofi Adjorlolo, and filmmaker Fred Kyei Mensah, have shared insights into the topic of how certain Nigerian wealthy individuals offer support to film producers due to the industry’s methods and strong brand structure.

The panellists who highlighted the experiences shared by some Nigerian producer friends said the industry had benefitted from the involvement of wealthy individuals seeking association with celebrities.

These individuals invested in film productions without concern for financial returns.

The panel discussion which was hosted by actress and host Nana Ama McBrown shed light on the reality that Nigerian film producers benefit from a supportive ecosystem fostered by wealthy individuals who are eager to be associated with the industry’s glitz and glamour.

Peter Sedufia expressed his agreement with this notion, emphasizing the importance of personal relationships in securing support from benevolent individuals.

“I have had this discussion with some of my Nigerian producer friends. Some of them when they started they had wealthy people who just wanted to be associated with celebrities so they invested,” he explained “They don’t care about the returns. A chief or an igwe can just dash you cash for production or the film producer has a friend or uncle’s friend who can sponsor.”

Mimi Anadani, C.E.O of the Golden Movie Awards also shared her own experience of receiving financial assistance in dollars for her award scheme, emphasizing the significance of building strong connections and displaying enthusiasm and confidence in promoting projects.

“It’s all about the personal relationship they have with them. It’s an individual relationship. Even in my award scheme, there were people giving us money in dollars just to support us, it’s the relationship and the vim you attach to pushing your project,” she shared.

She also noted that Ghana’s industry lacks the same level of enthusiasm and confidence, which affects its ability to attract similar support.

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“Ghana we lack vim and confidence. Also, the industry is well-branded as opposed to Ghanaians so it’s easy for people to be compelled to invest,” she added

Music Producer, Uncle Fred Kyei Mensah also echoed Sedufia’s sentiments, emphasizing how it is comparatively easier to convince wealthy individuals to offer financial assistance in Nigeria than in Ghana.

Renowned actor Kofi Adjorlolo who joined the discussions also spoke out about the challenges faced by Ghanaian filmmakers when it comes to obtaining financial support from wealthy individuals.

Drawing a stark comparison between the Nigerian and Ghanaian film industries, Adjorlolo shed light on the disparities that exist in terms of branding, respect, and financial remuneration.

“I can approach a rich man to help me as a producer but the difference is that in Nigeria if I approach a rich man that I need help with cash for a movie because of the branding of the industry it’s easier for them to be compelled to help,” he shared

According to film industry experts, the strong branding and personal relationships cultivated within the Nigerian film industry contribute to its ability to attract financial backing, resulting in higher production budgets and increased success.

Adjorlolo further lamented the lack of respect shown towards individuals, corporations, and producers in the Ghanaian film industry, stating that actors can be approached to act for minimal pay, undermining their value and professionalism.

“I’ll stress it and stress again that the money we make in Nigeria as compared to Ghana, it’s peanuts. In Ghana here they don’t even respect us, Individuals, corporate and producers. They can watch you and ask that you act for a measly amount,” he intimated



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