Nigeria government doesn’t support the Nigerian movie industry as Ghanaians perceive – Kofi Adjorlolo

Nigeria government doesn't support the Nigerian movie industry as Ghanaians perceive - Kofi Adjorlolo

Veteran Ghanaian actor Kofi Adjorlolo has voiced his disagreement with the common perception among Ghanaians that the Nigerian government does not support the Nigerian movie industry.

According to Adjorlolo who plies his trade in Nollywood, this is a gross misinterpretation, as he has personally witnessed the extensive collaboration and financial investment from Nigerian producers.

“It’s a very wrong impression. I have worked with so many Nigerian producers and there’s nothing like governmental support,” he said.

Mr Adjorlolo who was a panellist on Onua Showtime with Mcbrown acknowledged that the Nigerian film industry has accorded him recognition as a legend hence he had extensive knowledge of their system.

“I have worked so much in Nigeria they’ve even given me recognition as a Nollywood legend,” he said.

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He explained that the government’s involvement is limited to projecting the brand name of Nollywood, while the financial support primarily comes from private sources.

In his experience, producers and directors have increasingly sought sponsorship from banks to fund their projects. Adjorlolo recalled that even his first flight to Abuja for work in Nigeria was sponsored by a bank, demonstrating the recognition of Nollywood as a profitable venture.

“There is nothing about government support, it’s their own money. Government has no say.” the award-winning thespian shared “But lately the producers and directors are going for sponsorship from the bank. I remember ‘First Flight to Abuja’ was sponsored by a bank. Why?? Because the corporate bodies realised at a point that Nollywood was popular and a proper money-making venture hence the decision to sponsor.”

The veteran actor highlighted that Ghanaians hold a mistaken belief when they assert that the Nigerian government pumps funds into the movie industry but shed light on the interesting aspect of the government’s support

“Ghanaians are wrong if they say it like that. One of the things the government did for them is project the brand name. In those days when the Head of State is travelling, Ramsey Nouah, Liz Benson, Zach Orji and co will be in the plane as part of the delegation. Why?? because the interaction will help land partnerships,” he revealed

The ‘Ghana Must Go’ actor also mentioned historical instances where Ghan’s first leader  Dr Nkrumah, included musical bands and cinematographers like Chris Hesse during their official visits to establish cultural connections.

Born in Keta in 1956, Kofi Adjorlolo embarked on his artistic journey as a talented musician, specializing in playing the trumpet and organ. During his twenties, he ventured to Nigeria, where he had the privilege of collaborating with renowned Nigerian musician Victor Uwaifo, known for his hit song “Joromi.” Adjorlolo also had the opportunity to perform alongside the legendary Felix Bell.

In 2003, Kofi Adjorlolo took a significant leap in his career by joining the Ghanaian movie industry. This marked the beginning of his illustrious journey as an actor, where he has since made remarkable contributions to the Ghanaian film landscape.



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