No right-thinking person will condemn my decision to want to reconcile with Funny Face – Ex wife to critics


Vanessa Nicole, the ex-wife of Funny Face and mother of his three children has defiantly responded to critics who have expressed their disapproval of a possible reunion between the two.

Despite facing intense backlash for her comments hinting at reconciliation with the comedian in a recent interview, Vanessa has urged her detractors to reconsider their fight against their reunion.

Vanessa who spoke in an Instagram live video on Wednesday challenged those who opposed her reunion with Funny Face, asking them what they would do if they woke up to find that they were back together.

She boldly declared that they would become mere onlookers, mere fools.

“So, if you wake up and you see that me and the person you are fighting for are back together, what will you do? You will be a third person; you will just be a fool,” she asserted.

According to her, any rational person would understand her decision to reunite with the father of her twins and their younger sibling, Tawiah.

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“A man with whom I have three kids. Three solid kids! There is no right-thinking person who will condemn my decision to want to reconcile with him. There is a difference between a man you are dating and a man you have kids with. Not just any type of kids, a set of twins and a Tawiah,” she pointed out.

The public outcry against Nicole and Funny Face’e reunion stems from the fact that Vanessa was fingered as a contributing factor to the comedian’s mental health struggles.

The couple who were in a very toxic relationship could potentially trigger his healing process if they rekindle their relationship according to netizens.

However, Vanessa is undeterred by the criticism and has taken her critics to the cleaners over their comments. On the other hand, Funny Face, the man in the middle of the saga is yet to make a public statement on the matter.


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