Home Showbiz Perfect Match Xtra vs. Date Rush: 4 Key differences between the Ghanaian dating reality shows

Perfect Match Xtra vs. Date Rush: 4 Key differences between the Ghanaian dating reality shows


Media General have over the years captivated Ghanaian television viewers with their reality shows including Date Rush and with the upcoming Perfect Match Xtra scheduled to air on Sunday, May 21, 2023, it promises to make waves and take the nation by storm.

While both shows, produced by Adesa Productions, revolve around the quest for love and the challenges of finding the perfect partner, they have distinct differences that set them apart.

Here are 4 key contrasts between these popular Ghanaian dating shows:




Format and Selection Process

Date Rush follows a unique format where a single person is presented with potential partners behind a podium with a live audience.

The single person chooses a partner based on appearance and a brief introduction.

This part of the show is particularly exciting, as viewers never know what to expect, and the single person’s decision can often be surprising.

On the other hand, Perfect Match Xtra features five women and five men who compete for nine weeks, employing various tactics and strategies to win over their ideal match.

The final couple standing in Perfect Match Xtra wins the show.



Schedule and Activities

Perfect Match Xtra has a structured schedule, including daily aerobics sessions, nomination and diary sessions, various tasks, and grooming sessions.

Date Rush focuses more on the interactions between the single person and potential partners as well as the subsequent interactions between the couple.

Audience Influence

In Perfect Match Xtra, the viewing audience has the power to influence the outcome through voting.

They can vote to keep their favourite couple in the reality house.

In Date Rush, the selection process is solely determined by a single person without direct audience involvement.

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Eviction and Recoupling Shows

Perfect Match Xtra keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with live eviction and recoupling shows every Saturday. Date Rush doesn’t have a similar format. The eviction is in the hands of the single individual looking for a partner.

So, whether you’re into voting, live shows, regular updates, structured schedules, digital connectivity, or exclusive content, both Perfect Match Xtra and Date Rush offer unique elements that cater to different preferences.

Date Rush, with its distinctive selection process and lively host Giovanni Caleb, has become a household name since its debut in 2018. Perfect Match Xtra aims to provide an original and immersive dating reality experience with its structured activities and audience influence.

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Whether you prefer the suspense of hidden partners or the intensity of a competition-based show, both Perfect Match Xtra and Date Rush offer thrilling entertainment options for Ghanaian viewers seeking their dose of love and drama.

Make sure to tune in to TV3 to catch the most original dating reality shows, Perfect Match Xtra and Date Rush, and discover your favorite couples in action!

Choose your favourite and dive into the exciting world of reality dating shows!

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