Home Showbiz #PerfectMatchXtra: Tensions rise as contestants nominate each other for their first evictions

#PerfectMatchXtra: Tensions rise as contestants nominate each other for their first evictions


The tension within the Perfect Match Xtra house reached new heights as couples were tasked with nominating each other for eviction.

The nominations, which were revealed on Monday afternoon, left no room for ambiguity, with some contestants expressing clear reasons behind their choices.

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Grace, following Big Mama’s directive, nominated Sandra and Gyato for eviction. Although she didn’t explicitly state the reasons, it seems that her decision was based on well-known issues that have plagued the couple.

Kodark joined Grace in nominating Sandra and Gyato. His frustration with Sandra’s disrespectful behaviour towards the male contestants, coupled with the dramatic events of the previous day, likely contributed to his decision.

Additionally, he nominated Bebelino and Grace, suspecting that Bebelino’s affection toward Bella could create further complications in the house.

Ruth, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, nominated Sandra and Gyato.

According to her, the couple’s actions lacked genuineness and appeared contrived. She also nominated Grace and Bebelino due to their apparent lack of common ground.

Etornam, seeking to eliminate distractions, nominated Sandra and Gyato, as well as Ali and Ruth. Etornam expressed feeling overshadowed by the attention surrounding these couples, leading to his decision.

Bella, displaying her strategic side, nominated Grace, accusing her of being difficult and a liar. Surprisingly, this nomination also affected Bebelino. Bella further nominated Sandra and Gyato, highlighting their suspicious behavior as a factor.

Ali, driven by the negative impact caused by Sandra and Gyato’s actions, nominated the couple for eviction. He also nominated Grace and Bebelino, implying that their presence in the house has been detrimental.

Lovelyn, recognizing the strength of her competition, nominated Ali and Ruth. She saw them as formidable opponents. Additionally, she nominated Sandra and Gyato due to the continuous drama surrounding their relationship.

Gyato, known for his outspoken nature, nominated Ali and Ruth based on their individual contributions in the house. He also nominated Bella and Kodark, although his reasons were unclear.

Sandra, in an unexpected twist, nominated Kodark and Bella. Her decision stemmed from her belief that Kodark was not giving Bella the love she deserved. Additionally, she nominated Grace and Bebelino, questioning the authenticity of their connection.

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The clash of personalities, coupled with the strategic moves made by some contestants, has undoubtedly set the stage for an intense battle to avoid eviction.

Viewers are eagerly anticipating the next developments in the Perfect Match Xtra house, as the remaining couples strive to secure their place in the competition.

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